‘Last Man Standing’: Everything We Know About Season 7

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing | 20th Century Fox

It has become increasingly common for TV shows to be revived shortly after being canceled, and the latest series to be brought back from apparent death is Last Man Standing. After being axed by ABC, Fox has decided to bring the series back for a seventh season.

So what do we know about this upcoming seventh season of the series? What will be the same, and what will be different? Let’s take a look.

It premieres on September 28th

Fox announced its fall premiere dates back in June, and in doing so, they revealed that Last Man Standing will return for its seventh season on September 28th.

That’s a Friday, and so the series will be staying on the same night despite moving networks. It will air at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, followed by a new sitcom called The Cool Kids. Then, Hell’s Kitchen will come on at 9:00.

Molly Ephraim isn’t coming back as Mandy Baxter

It will almost immediately become clear that something has changed when Last Man Standing returns. After all, one actress has chosen not to return: Molly Ephraim.

Ephraim was a series regular for the first six seasons, playing Mike’s daughter Mandy. When Fox picked up the reboot, every actor needed to have a new deal negotiated, and it was Ephraim who decided she didn’t want to come back at all, according to TV Line.

Deadline reports that the character will be recast, although we don’t yet know who the new actress will be.

Flynn Morrison won’t be back as Boyd, either

Molly Ephraim isn’t the only member of the cast who isn’t returning for Season 7.

TV Line reports that Flynn Morrison isn’t going to return as Mike’s grandson, Boyd. As with Mandy, Deadline reports that this character is going to be recast.

This actually won’t be the first time Last Man Standing has recast Boyd. In Season 1, he was played by twins Evan and Luke Kruntchev, but for Season 2, the character was aged up several years and played by Flynn Morrison.

Kaitlyn Dever may return as Eve Baxter on a recurring basis

In addition to Mandy being recast, there may be a bit less of Eve Baxter in the seventh season.

TV Line reported in early July that Kaitlyn Dever had not yet signed a deal for Season 7 but that she was in negotiations to return on a recurring basis. Previously, Dever had a main role, with Eve being present in virtually every single episode.

It seems that this is probably just due to scheduling issues, as Dever has been keeping herself fairly busy, recently being cast in a new Netflix limited series.

Just about everyone else is back

Don’t get too alarmed, though. The casting changes end there, and just about everyone else is returning from Season 6.

According to Deadline, Tim Allen (Mike Baxter), Nancy Travis (Vanessa Baxter), Jonathan Adams (Chuck Larabee), Amanda Fuller (Kristin Beth Baxter), Christoph Sanders (Kyle Anderson), Jordan Masterson (Ryan Vogelson), and Hector Elizondo (Ed Alzate) are all confirmed to return.

It will address gun control

Last Man Standing has never shied away from political topics, and Tim Allen says that there’s one that will definitely come up in Season 7: gun control.

Allen explained to Closer Weekly that Mike Baxter “owns a sporting-goods store that has firearms, so we’re going to have to deal with that somehow.”

He also said that in general, he’s really excited to be back on the air because “we have so much left in our tank. There were a lot of stories we hadn’t gotten to.”

Kevin Abbott will serve as showrunner

Behind the scenes, the series’ producers and showrunners are also returning, so you shouldn’t expect Season 7 to feel much different.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kevin Abbott will serve as showrunner for Season 7. He was previously Last Man Standing‘s showrunner for Season 5 and 6, as well as for much of Season 1.

In addition, Matt Berry, Kevin Hench, Ed Yeager, Becky Clements, Richard Baker, Rick Messina, Marty Adelstein and Shawn Levy are all back as producers.

Fox seems to have brought it back mainly because of Roseanne

It’s clearly no coincidence that after the success Roseanne, a sitcom that appealed to conservatives with its main character, Fox instantly brought back another sitcom that appealed to conservatives with its main character.  Indeed, the president of Fox Television Group, Dana Walden, has essentially admitted that it was because of Roseanne that they realized Last Man Standing should come back.

“Obviously, I think everyone took a good hard look at the performance of Roseanne,” she said. “It did so well, and it certainly did remind us that we have a huge iconic comedy star in our Fox family in Tim Allen. [Last Man Standing] is a really funny show.”

When she says “in our Fox family,” what she means is that despite airing on ABC, Last Man Standing was already being produced by 20th Century Fox Television, so the transition to the Fox network made perfect sense.