From ‘The Last O.G’ to ‘Lost in Space’: New TV Shows You’ll Love This Spring

Television got off to a fairly slow start in the early months of 2018. It seemed that there were fewer big shows than usual, and even the new shows that did come out didn’t really catch on and dominate the cultural conversation.

But the spring is shaping up to be a lot more exciting. In addition to the return of shows like Westworld and Legion, we’ll also be seeing a bunch of new ones that have potential to break out.

Here’s a look at the new shows coming out this spring that we’re really looking forward to.

1. The Last O.G. — April 3

Tray and Shay standing in front of a glass wall.

The Last O.G | TBS

In 2014, 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan was in a car accident that sent him into a two-week coma. He was left with serious brain injuries, and it took months to recover; even a year later, he said that he still had memory issues. Now, four years after the accident, he’s back on TV with a brand new show, The Last O.G. on TBS.

Created by Jordan Peele and John Carcieri, The Last O.G. stars Morgan as a man, Tray, who returns home after being in prison for 15 years and is shocked at how much things have changed. Also starring is Tiffany Haddish as Shay, Tray’s ex-girlfriend. And Cedric the Entertainer stars as Miniard Mullins, a man who owns a halfway house and who helps Tray in his quest to become a better person.

The Last O.G. has been described as a mix of comedy and drama in the vein of HBO’s Girls. In its review, Variety described the show as a bit of a mixed bag, but they noted that “when the show is good, it’s so good.”

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2. Troy: Fall of a City — April 6

Paris and Helen speaking to each other on a beach.

Troy: Fall of a City | TBS

The new Netflix original series Troy: Fall of a City seems to be capitalizing on the Game of Thrones hype in order to retell the story of the Trojan War.

Starring in this British miniseries are Louis Hunter as Paris and Bella Dayne as Helen of Troy. The first few episodes were directed by Owen Harris; he previously directed two of Black Mirror‘s best episodes: “Be Right Back” and “San Junipero.”

Troy: Fall of a City actually already aired in the U.K. But it’s coming to the U.S. for the first time via Netflix. It has received generally positive reviews, holding a score of 70% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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3. Howards End April 8

A man and woman stand in a garden as they stare towards the same direction.

Howards End | Starz

In the classic novel Howards End, E. M. Forster follows three English families in the early 20th century. Now, this adaptation stars Marvel’s Hayley Atwell as Margaret Schlegel. She stars alongside Philippa Coulthard, Alex Lawther, Tracey Ullman, and Matthew Macfadyen.

The new miniseries comes from Oscar-winning filmmaker Kenneth Lonergan, who wrote movies such as Analyze ThisGangs of New York, and Manchester by the Sea. He also directed the latter film.

Howards End is another show that already aired in the United Kingdom, but it’s coming to the U.S. for the first time via Starz. The show has received positive reviews, holding a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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4. Killing Eve — April 8

Eve is pinned down against a fridge with a knife to her neck.

Killing Eve | IMG

Killing Eve, a new series from BBC America, follows a psychopathic assassin and the woman who attempts to hunt her down. It will consist of eight episodes and is based on the novellas by Luke Jennings.

What’s particularly interesting about this show is the cast, as Grey’s Anatomy‘s Sandra Oh plays Eve. Her character is tasked with hunting down Villanelle, played by Jodie Comer, and the two engage in a game of cat and mouse.

The show is being written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, known for creating and starring in Fleabag; she is also about to voice the main droid, L3-37, in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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5. Lost in Space — April 13

Molly Parker wearing a suit on 'Lost in Space'.

Lost in Space | Netflix

The latest reboot of a classic TV series, Netflix’s Lost in Space is based on the 1965 CBS show about a family of explorers whose spaceship veers off course.

Starring as the various members of the Robinson family are Toby Stephens, Molly Parker, Taylor Russell, Mina Sundwall, and Maxwell Jenkins. Parker Posey also stars as Dr. Smith, while Ignacio Serricchio plays Don West.

The rebooted show is created by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless, the screenwriters behind movies like Dracula Untold and Gods of Egypt. That’s a bit concerning, but on the other hand, Neil Marshall (The DescentGame of Thrones) also serves as producer and will direct several episodes.

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6. Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas — April 13

Wyatt Cenac laying on the grass as he looks upward.

Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas | HBO

After Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Samantha Bee, and Jordan Klepper, Wyatt Cenac is the latest Daily Show alum to get his own TV show.

In the new HBO series Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas, Cenac will explore the most pressing issues in America today. According to HBO, he will travel throughout the country and bring “unique perspectives to systemic issues, while tackling more benign everyday inconveniences with comedic solutions.”

John Oliver will be serving as executive producer on the show. In addition, Daily Show writer Hallie Haglund serves as Problem Areas‘ head writer.

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7. Cobra Kai — May 2

Johnny ties a black headband around his forehead

Cobra Kai | YouTube Red

Going back to shows based on classic properties, we’re also getting Cobra Kai, a Karate Kid TV sequel, later this year.

The show takes place 34 years after the events of The Karate Kid, with the Cobra Kai karate dojo being re-opened by Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso. William Zabka and Ralph Macchio are both back as those classic characters from the movies. The show will be about “two men addressing past demons and present frustrations the only way they know how: through karate.”

The only issue with this show is that most people won’t have access to it; it’s a YouTube Red original, so you’ll have to subscribe for $9.99 a month. But if it’s good enough, it might be able to convince some people to sign up the way that Star Trek: Discovery did with CBS All Access.

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8. Sweetbitter — May 6

Tess looking upward as she drives a car.

Sweetbitter | Starz

Sweetbitter follows a young woman named Tess, who lands a job at a New York City restaurant shortly after moving there. After being “introduced to the world of drugs, drinking, love, lust, dive bars and fine dining, she learns to navigate the chaotically alluring, yet punishing life she has stumbled upon,” according to Deadline.

This new show is based on the novel of the same name by Stephanie Danler. Danler herself is serving as producer on the show, which she will also write.

Ella Purnell stars in the lead role of Tess. Fleshing out the cast are Tom Sturridge, Caitlin FitzGerald, Paul Sparks, and Evan Jonigkeit. The series will premiere on Starz on May 6th.

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