Laura Akins Reveals What Thomas Rhett Is Really Like As a Husband

Thomas Rhett (Akins) and Laura Akins are pretty much couple goals when it comes to the happiest celebrity couples. It’s possibly because the country music star has been in love with his wife since the second grade, and their adorable love story is enough for anyone to obsess over them. But with Akins so close to giving birth, she’s having a tougher time than ever getting around. And she recently let fans in on what kind of husband Rhett really is.

Thomas Rhett and his wife, Laura
Thomas Rhett Akins and his life, Laura Akins | Jason Davis/FilmMagic

Rhett and Akins have known each other since they were kids

This couple has one of the best love stories of any celebrity couple we’ve heard. Rhett and his wife first met when they were in the first grade, and by the second grade, he knew she was the one. The two remained friends for years and dated briefly when they were teenagers. However, when things didn’t work out, they decided to see other people. Both were in serious relationships but always remained friends. But when Akins’ father told Rhett he needed to tell Akins how he felt before he lost her, Rhett listened. The two only dated for six months before Rhett proposed; they were married at 22.

Akins is currently pregnant with the couple’s third child

Akins and Rhett have a picture-perfect family. Their first daughter, Willa Gray, was adopted from Uganda back in 2017. But before they were even through with the adoption, they learned Akins was pregnant with their second child, Ada James. Though they would have two under two, it didn’t stop them from having more children. Earlier this year, Rhett and Akins announced that they would be welcoming their third child early next year. Since then, Akins has been documenting their little family while patiently awaiting the arrival of their newest addition.

She recently explained how caring her husband is

Akins explained on social media that she had been very sick during the early weeks of her pregnancy. And she recently posted a photo with Rhett, where she told fans that these later weeks of the pregnancy haven’t been too easy, either. Akins mentioned that she has still been sick and said it’s been much harder for her to move around. But then she let fans in on the help Rhett has provided by stepping up and taking are of the family. She said he’s “basically been Santa’s elf, cooking, doing baths & the girls’ bedtimes and still making time to take me on a date.” We all knew he was dreamy, but seriously — could he get any better?

Akins said her two girls are excited to meet their new sister

Akins loves posting photos of the family; she’d much rather cover her feed in pictures of her daughters than the glamorous shots most celebrities post. When the two announced their pregnancy, Akins explained how excited their daughters were to meet their new sibling. She mentioned that Willa prays for their little baby every day, and the two girls love touching their mother’s belly. All of the Rhett-Akins fans, including us, are excited for their new baby to arrive.