‘Law and Order: SVU’: The Big Change That Fans Should Get Excited About

When you’ve been on TV as long as Law and Order: SVU sometimes you need to mix things up a little to keep things fresh. Then again, returning to something familiar and comfortable is a good option, too.

SVU just shared some big news about major changes that will be affecting the show moving forward and we think fans of the series are going to be excited.

SVU was just renewed for season 21

People like to talk about shows like Grey’s Anatomy when they are talking about shows that have had long-running success on TV. But SVU has so effortlessly maintained its spot on NBC, that fans may forget that the show has been on the air for nearly two decades!

Add on that many of the characters from SVU appeared on the show’s predecessor, the original Law and Order, and the success of SVU is phenomenal.

Law and Order: SVU premiered September 20, 1999, on NBC. The show stars Mariska Hargitay and Ice-T as detectives in the special victims unit of the New York City Police Department. Throughout the show’s 20 seasons, the show has seen several cast members come and go as well as its share of showrunners.

After two decades, the series shows no signs of slowing down

SVU just broke the record for the longest-running drama on TV, beating out top shows like ER, Grey’s Anatomy, and Law and Order. After so long on the air, it’s easy to wonder how much life the drama has left in it. According to Hargitay, we can count on the show being around as long as we continue to watch.

Hargitay recently revealed that she loves what she’s doing and doesn’t feel like she’s ready to leave just yet. Executives at NBC have shared Hargitay’s sentiment saying that they would like to continue the show as long as the actress is on board. Heading into season 21, SVU is in new territory, as the original Law and Order ended after 20 seasons. As for engaging plotlines, SVU loves to rip stories from the headlines, so we don’t see them running out of material any time soon.

The show is welcoming back a former showrunner

SVU just announced that former showrunner, Warren Leight, will be returning to the show after being away for three years. Leight originally joined the show in 2013. At the time of his first run, the show’s future was uncertain after star Christopher Meloni left the show after he was unable to negotiate a new contract with NBC.

Leight is credited for bringing new life to the show when he joined the drama at the beginning of season 13. The show had lost its lead and showrunner and the remaining star, Hargitay, was uncertain what the show would look like without Meloni.

But in 2016, Hargitay reflected on her experience with Leight as he prepared to leave the show, saying that he wrote like a musician, providing rhyme and flow that she says makes your heart go “a little bit aflutter as an actor.”

Warren’s move isn’t the only shake-up at NBC

Warren will begin running SVU for its record-breaking 21st season. SVU‘s current showrunner, Michael Chernuchin, will move over to the CBS drama, FBI. In addition to SVU, Warren is also credited as the co-creator and executive producer of Law and Order: Hate Crimes.

This new spin-off was scheduled to premiere this year but has since been delayed. According to an insider, producer’s are looking to get Hate Crimes just right, so a release date has yet to be announced.