‘Law & Order: SVU’ Stops Production Amid Coronavirus Concerns

Season 21 of Law & Order: SVU may be groundbreaking, but unfortunately due to the coronavirus, the series has halted production for now. Read on to learn about the other shows that are pausing things for a little while.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ stops production in response to the coronavirus

Mariska Hargitay and Nazneen Contractor
Mariska Hargitay and Nazneen Contractor | Bauzen/GC Images

There have been a number of concerts and other events that have now been postponed because of concerns over the coronavirus. NBCUniversal has stopped production on numerous television series according to Deadline. This includes all of its entertainment units: Universal Television, Universal Television Alternative Studios, UCP, and First Run Syndication.

As SVU fans are dying to know, all the Dick Wolf dramas including SVU have stopped production. This includes the Chicago series, SVU, New Amsterdam, and Superstore.

Warren Leight posted to Twitter about season 21 of ‘SVU’

Warren Leight, the showrunner of SVU, was asked on Twitter about the situation and he replied that episode 20 may be the end of season 21 already.

“SVU had planned to produce 24 episodes this season. Episode 20, written by @JulieMartinSVU and me, directed by @juancampanella may end up being our finale.  If it is, it will be oddly fine in that slot – with return performances from many perps and vics we’ve met this season,” Leight said on Twitter.

Fans have questions about what this means for ‘SVU’ this season

Viewers of the hit series didn’t hold back after Leight posted the update for his followers. A number of fans had questions about what this means for season 21 of SVU and future seasons.

“How does that affect the overall season arc that was planned? And will you carry over those last 4 eps to S22?” a Twitter user asked.

Leight responded with: “The last four eps were, this is just my opinion, very strong. I think, if we end up shut down for the season, they will fold in to season 22. We’ll figure it out. For now just glad crew out of harm’s way, worried so many are out of work, and sad fans get a truncated season.”

Could the next season start earlier now?

Another viewer wanted to know if the next season could start earlier now if season 21 has to end early. It’s a good question and fans are eager to know the answer.

“If you don’t return and the season is over at episode 20 what will happen to episodes 21-24 will you air them next season or just forget about them, also if you’re ending early will you start season 22 earlier than usual or will the cast and crew just get a longer hiatus then usual?” a curious fan inquired.

Unfortunately, not a lot of information was given in response. “No one knows anything at this point,” Leight replied.

Obviously fans of SVU aren’t pleased with the thought of the series ending early, but it makes a lot of sense considering the concerns over the coronavirus.