‘Law & Order: SVU’: Warren Leight Reveals What Was Ahead for Season 21

Fans of the hit series Law & Order: SVU probably already know that the show has halted production because of the coronavirus (COVID-19). It’s been depressing not having new episodes of season 21, and the rest of the season still hangs in the balance. Luckily, Warren Leight, the executive producer and showrunner on the show, is sharing some tidbits with eager fans on Twitter.

A fan asks Warren Leight about season 21 on Twitter

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A fan wanted to know if there was something Leight was hoping would “play out” that they can’t do now because of the coronavirus situation.

“Hey @warrenleightTV is there anything you had mapped out that you really wanted to see play out this season but won’t get the chance too now? Don’t have to say what it is as I’m sure you’ll still get to it in some form. Just curious,” a fan asked on Twitter.

Leight reveals what was coming in season 21 of ‘SVU’

Leight didn’t hold back and actually revealed that Simon’s death was going to be looked at again in the finale, something fans would love to see. Simon is Olivia Benson’s half-brother who supposedly died of an overdose, and that’s a hard pill to swallow.

As reported by E News, Leight responded: “Well, believe it or not, Simon’s death was going to be re-examined in the finale.  Along with the return of two prominent characters from earlier seasons.  So, we’re sorry not to get to make that episode.  The three before it were also in pretty great shape.  So it goes.”

Leight also hinted at the return of some characters from previous seasons. Who could return? There are so many characters fans would like to see again, so this is considered the ultimate tease for SVU fans.

He also revealed how long season 21 was going to be

In response to another fan, Leight says season 21 of SVU was supposed to have 24 episodes this season. He also says episode 20 might be the finale, and it makes sense with everything going on and social distancing in full effect.

SVU had planned to produce 24 episodes this season. Episode 20, written by @JulieMartinSVU and me, directed by @juancampanella may end up being our finale.  If it is, it will be oddly fine in that slot – with return performances from many perps and vics we’ve met this season,” Leight said.

Warren Leight also gave some wise advice to his Twitter followers

Leight has been busy posting and staying up to date on the situation involving the coronavirus, like most of us. He wants his followers to wash their hands and stay home, which can be considered wise advice right now with everything going on.

“Ok my twitter friends, breathe deep. Wash your hands. Stay home. Check in on those more vulnerable than you. Spread love and empathy as we wait for spring,” Leight tweeted.

We’ll have to see how things play out from here for the rest of the season of SVU. Fans are anxiously waiting at home for the next episode.