LeBron James Took Time Out Of The NBA Playoffs For Some Hilarious Daddy Duties

LeBron James might be one of the greatest professional basketball players of all time, but his most important role is being a dad. The father of three is super tight with his two sons and daughter, and he often showcases his life with his wife, Savannah, and their kids in Cleveland, Ohio. Since James is a near-constant presence in the NBA playoffs and finals each year, the basketball season stretches out a few months longer for his family,

However, James’ long season and the constant demands of the game have never prevented him from stepping right back into the role of dad, even when he’s in the middle of an important game. You’ll never guess what James did for his daughter in the middle of an important playoff game (page 7).

Like father, like daughter

Zhuri James

She’s got an attitude like her dad. | Savannah James via Instagram

Though James’ daughter, Zhuri, has her mother’s face, the toddler’s personality is exactly like her father’s. In fact, when her mother prompted her to replicate James’ facial expressions when he’s annoyed with the refs, the tot absolutely nailed it.

Sports Illustrated tweeted the super funny moment with the caption, “And the Oscar goes to…  Zhuri James for her uncanny impersonation of her father @KingJames reacting to refs.”

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Daddy’s princess

LeBron James and daughter Zhuri

This goofy moment proves how much she gets away with. | Savannah James via Instagram

Though the James’ have two older sons, LeBron James Jr. and Bryce Maximus James, it’s Zhuri who runs their household. The little girl often shows up on the NBA legend and his wife’s Instagram accounts wreaking havoc on her brothers and the household.

Savannah posted a rather amusing photo of Zhuri with her tiny foot resting on her daddy’s face. The caption read, “When you can just do whatever because you’re the baby and Daddy’s princess…”

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Being present

LeBron James and family

He’s a dedicated fathe and it shows. | LeBron James via Instagram

Though basketball is obviously one of James’ top priorities, fatherhood and being present for his children is also right up there on the list. The Ohio native refuses to let his hectic schedule keep him from parenting his kids.

In a 2016 interview with Cleveland.com, he explained,

Just breaking the mode, that’s all. I wanted to be a part of the statistics that breaks the mode of fathers running out on their kids. That was something that I obviously went through and I knew from Day 1 that wasn’t going to be me. So, to have a family and be there for them and be there on a day-to-day basis is important. I know I travel a lot but I’m a staple in the household and it means a lot to me and I know it means a lot to my kids.

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A pint-sized basketball genius

Zhuri James

She reps her dad’s team off the court. | LeBron James via Instagram

Though Zhuri loves to keep her parents and brothers on their toes, she also knows the game of basketball well enough to know when its time to be compassionate. Though her father had a stellar Game 4 in the 2018 Eastern Conference (playing 40 minutes and scoring 40 points to lead the Cavaliers to a 111–102 victory over the Boston Celtics), James’s teammate Kevin Love, had a rough night.

Luckily, Zhuri was on FaceTime after the game to try and brighten Love’s day. According to Slate,

In the locker room, as he iced his body after yet another 40-minute outing, James was talking to his 3-year-old daughter, Zhuri, on FaceTime when she asked to talk to Kevin Love. James passed the phone to Love, and Zhuri complimented Love on his game, which included 3-of-12 shooting, five turnovers, and five fouls. “I think you meant to say that to your dad,” Love said. “I don’t know what game you were watching.”

Zhuri already knows the first rule of good sportsmanship; never kick a man when he’s down.

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Ball is life

James children

His kids are all athletes too. | Savannah James via Instagram

When Zhuri isn’t giving her daddy’s teammates pep talks, she’s working on dribbling, jump shots, and dunking. Following in her father and older brother LeBron James Jr.’s footsteps, the rambunctious little girl is putting her own basketball hoop to use.

The NBA star captured Zhuri trying to keep up with one of her brothers on the basketball court, and quite frankly, we think she held her own. James captioned the video saying, “She got bounce already!”

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Anything for the baby

Zhuri James

Zhuri always gets her way. | Savannah James via Instagram

When the Cavaliers are playing at home in Cleveland, Zhuri can often be found on the court sidelines cheering on her dad. Though the mischievous tot respects the game, she also sees her dad as simply, her dad. Therefore, it shocked no one when James stopped in the middle of a game in Dec. 2017, when he spotted his baby girl in the stands asking him for some candy.

The 6′ 8″ forward immediately began asking fans and security guards if they had any candy on them for his baby. James didn’t stop until one poor man was suckered out of his sweet treats. An amused Twitter user tweeted a response to the incident saying, “Oh you can’t tell me Zhuri doesn’t run that house lol this man is in the middle of a game, getting candy for his baby.”

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A hilarious game of peek-a-boo

LeBron James and daughter Zhuri

He takes the time out to hang with his little girl. | LeBron James via Instagram

We’re already seen how Zhuri runs the James household. Therefore it shouldn’t have shocked anyone when she got her dad to engage in the sweetest game of peek-a-boo during the 2018 Eastern Conference Finals. Since the Cavaliers were clearly going to win Game 3 over the tenacious Boston Celtics, James took some time out to play a game with his baby girl.

During a timeout, James stood on the sidelines and played in a game of peek-a-boo with Zhuri. How perfect is that?

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The best support

LeBron James and daughter Zhuri

He’s there to encourage his little athlete. | Savannah James via Instagram

When Zhuri isn’t sitting courtside cheering on her father, or convincing him to find her candy, James is supporting his only daughter in her own athletic adventures. During a day off, the basketball star took Zhuri to her first gymnastics class which she referred to as “nastics.”

According to her mom, Zhuri had so much fun, she cried when she had to leave. How adorable.

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