‘Legally Blonde 3’: How ‘The Office’ and ‘Parks and Rec’ Could Influence the Anticipated Reboot

It is official; Legally Blonde 3 is finally happening. Reese Witherspoon confirmed the news that the much-awaited third installment of Legally Blonde is on the way. There is more to the announcement to get excited about, though. Both Mindy Kaling and Dan Goor have signed on to pen the script, ensuring that the third installment of the wildly popular franchise will have a fresh new look. Kaling, known for her work on The Office and The Mindy Project, and Goor, famed for his work on Parks and Recreations and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, seem to be the perfect pair to do Elle Woods justice. Now, fans are wondering just how much of The Office and Parks and Recreations’ style will find its way into the screenplay.  

Mindy Kaling may bring her signature female characters to Legally Blonde 3

Kaling’s addition to the writing team is especially interesting to fans. Kaling is fresh off of a string of successes. Her Netflix series, Never Have I Ever, trended for several weeks and has left fans desperate to learn more about Devi. The Hulu adaptation of, Four Weddings and a Funeral, was equally successful. Add in the famed The Mindy Project and her work on The Office, and its clear Kaling is a winner. Fans love her work partly because of the characters she creates.

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Kaling isn’t afraid to take a female character in unexpected directions. She’s okay with making the characters equal parts messy and strong. Elle Woods is that type of character, too. Driven by her emotions, it takes her a bit of time to figure out that she’s stronger than she thinks and capable of greatness. It can be assumed that Kaling’s signature female protagonist could slip into Legally Blonde 3, and work rather seamlessly.

Dan Goor could bring a fresh spin to the famed comedy

Goor is famed for his work on Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The Office, Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine have one thing in common, at their core. Each series spoons on a hefty helping of friendship, regardless of how dysfunctional it can be at times. Goor was, in every way, a part of the creation of the interwoven storylines found in both Parks and Recreations and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Fans can likely expect to see that complexity displayed in Legally Blonde 3.

Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods
Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods in ‘Legally Blonde’ | Tracy Bennett/MGM Pictures

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Goor also has a little something in common with Elle. He is a Harvard graduate. Goor, unlike Elle, procured his undergraduate degree from the school, majoring in biochemistry. According to Harvardwood, Goor had every intention of going to medical school, but after winning acting awards, his path deviated, and he found himself working in comedy. Perhaps his time at Harvard will help him connect with Elle.  

Parks and Recreation and The Office were both shot in a mockumentary style

With alums from both Parks and Recs and The Office working on Legally Blonde 3, some fans are wondering if the shooting style made famous by both shows will make its way into the production. Both series were shot in a mockumentary style, with handheld camera work and confessional-style scenes, making the shows unique. There is no word on whether or not that style will make its way into the movie, but it seems unlikely. To be fair, it looks as if that particular shooting style may have seen its day.

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Mockumentary sitcoms were a big hit for a while. The genre, which rose to prominence through the work of Trailer Park Boys and The Office (the British version, not the American version), had a long day in the sun, but that might be over. The Ringer believes that the style has gone the way of the dinosaur, mostly because viewing audiences have broadly accepted reality TV as part of their, well, reality. Even if that is true, it could be an exciting way to reinvent Elle.