‘Lego Movie 2’ End Credits Song: Why Chris Pratt Says It’s Worth Staying For

Chris Pratt is busy promoting his new movie, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, hitting up Live with Kelly and Ryan this morning to chat about a number of things, including his recent engagement and his prize-winning sheep. During the interview, Pratt also gave a hint about why Lego Movie fans are going to want to stay through the credits for the end song.

Pratt talks life on the farm

There was just a fleeting mention of his engagement to Katherine Schwarzenegger, which he called “a big deal,” and then the conversation quickly turned to Pratt’s sheep, which recently picked up a big prize. He joked that while his latest Jurassic World movie didn’t earn him an Oscar nomination, his ewe won the blue ribbon at Fiberpalooza.

Ripa then pointed out that actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan also has sheep and that Pratt and Morgan should be friends. Pratt agreed, saying, “either friends or mortal enemies,” adding, “there aren’t a lot of shepherds in Hollywood… we gotta stick together.” That gave Ripa and Seacrest a new reality show idea: Shepherds of Hollywood.

Pratt admits the challenges of making The Lego Movie 2

Naturally, Pratt was on the talk show to promoteThe Lego Movie 2, so he did just that, explaining how making a sequel to the much-loved original was tricky. At the end of The Lego Movie, they broke the fourth wall, revealing that the story took place in a child’s mind.

“People have raised expectations,” Pratt explained, as he shared how many wondered how a sequel could possibly follow-up the original. The actor noted: “It’s taken all these five years, thousands of souls, hard work… I’m so proud of it. I think it’s better than the first.”

The Lego Movie 2 end credits song is worth staying through

Pratt took his son and his friends to a screening and explained how The Lego Movie 2 end credits song, which he called “so funny,” ended with the kids having a massive dance party as the creidts rolled. He added, “it was hard to get them off the stage.”

While Pratt didn’t go into details about the Lego Movie 2 song, many fans are wondering what to expect. A review from Variety sums up the song perfectly: “The Lego Movie 2 is never funnier than in the end credits, for which Beck teamed up with the Lonely Island trio to write the six-minute song ‘Super Cool,’ which lasts through perhaps a quarter of the countless names of people who contributed a million little pieces to the ambitious project.”

His son loves Rex Dangervest

Pratt chatted about his dual roles in the film, voicing both Emmet and Rex Dangervest, and how his son is a huge fan of Rex, but didn’t initially know it was his dad’s voice.

Pratt explained, “He goes ‘Dad, I think I have a new favorite Lego. I think it’s Rex Dangervest. He trains raptors.’ I said ‘guess who does the voice for Rex Dangervest?’” When Pratt revealed it was his voice, he said: “I saw his little mind working for the first time… realizing you can change your voice to sound different.”

Pratt added: “He’s all about all the different voices he’s going to try. He’s like a little voice actor in the making.”