Lena Dunham’s ‘Ideal Isolation Activities’

Looking for something to do during your Coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantine? Lena Dunham has some creative ways to entertain yourself while you’re practicing social distancing. She recently shared a post on Instagram to sympathize with her “stir-crazy friends.” 

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star shared a list of her “ideal isolation activities” to combat the boredom that can inevitably grow out of social distancing. As someone who “enjoy[s] [her] own company,” Dunham said she rarely experiences boredom. But, when she does, these are the things she likes to do. 

Lena Dunham coronavirus activities
Lena Dunham | Bruce Glikas/WireImage

FaceTime with friends 

Dunham’s first suggestion for self-quarantine was to FaceTime with friends who don’t get enough attention when your “life is going full force.” If you feel like you already have a good grip on your friendships, strike up a conversation with an interesting question, like Dunham’s suggestion of “who is your favorite Golden Girl?” 

Dive into a good read  

One of the few options for entertainment right now is books! When you get tired of streaming movies and television shows, allow a book to take you to another world. If you don’t have any books lined up, Dunham suggests diving into one of the long-form articles you may have bookmarked but never made time to read. 

Get organized 

Dunham had several organizing suggestions in her “self-quarantine activities for single QTs.” From your kitchen pantry to your closet, tackle organizing something you’ve been putting off. 

Dunham’s suggestions included organizing a to-watch list of shows and movies, then starting a film club with your friends based on a singular theme. Organizing your clothes was also on the list, along with making donation piles to fulfill your charitable needs. She also mentioned going through every product you have and tossing them if they look like they’re “past their prime.” 

Challenge yourself 

Dunham’s father, Carroll, is a painter who she refers to as her “art teacher.” As a creator herself, she challenged her followers to try something different, which in this case was to “paint or draw a series of five pictures in a day.”

Testing your creative limits is one way to combat boredom. Doing so could allow you to get out of a “perfectionistic mindset,” according to Dunham.

Maintain a diary 

As a writer herself, it shouldn’t come as a shock that Dunham suggested keeping a quarantine diary. She pointed out that documenting your feelings during this time could be interesting to future students or children. 

Entertain your pet

If you think you’re bored, your pet is likely bored, too! Don’t forget to entertain them during this time of isolation. Dunham suggested teaching an old dog new tricks by turning to a YouTube tutorial. Perfect the trick with your dog during quarantine, then show their new skills off when public spaces are open once again. 

Take time to reflect 

In her post, Dunham acknowledged the difficulty some people have with the word “meditation.” Instead, she encouraged her followers to reflect and “focus on where [they’ve] been and where [they’re] headed.” She also urged that her followers think about the goals they have for themselves instead of the ones being imposed on them. “Relax into clarity!” the Girls creator urged. 

Finally, and this is perhaps the most important activity on the list — learn the dance from the Miley Cyrus Black Mirror episode. Dunham signed off by wishing her followers “health, safety and ✌️ of mind ❤️”

Keep yourself entertained during these strange times with one of Dunhams’ many activities.