Leonardo DiCaprio’s Highest-Rated Project Isn’t What You Think

This year, Leonardo DiCaprio will celebrate 30 years in showbiz, first as a child actor, then growing into an eventual Oscar-caliber icon. No matter what he does, though, he’ll always be remembered for Titanic in 1997. Now almost 23 years removed from that, one would think this is his highest-rated movie he’s ever made.

While he has a lot of highly rated movies on sites like Rotten Tomatoes, his highest-rated of all isn’t a fictional movie. It’s a documentary he produced offering a stunning look at how environmentally endangered our planet really is.

Since the late ’90s, DiCaprio has used his influence to start a foundation in supporting global environmental causes.

The fullest realization of this came in the above documentary he helped create about the dangers present in Africa’s oldest national park.

Leonardo DiCaprio on the red carpet
Leonardo DiCaprio | Christopher Polk/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

DiCaprio doesn’t have all his movies with a fresh score

Look on Rotten Tomatoes and you’ll discover DiCaprio has had his share of clunkers in his filmography. The lowest score of all in his list of films he’s produced is Delirium from 2018 where it now has a 0% score rating.

He rebounded quickly this last year by acting in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, one of the best films he’s been in for a while. Many of his fans, though, probably notice he’s been into producing more often in recent years.

Just in the last decade, DiCaprio has more producing credits than he does acting, with most of the movies he produces having environmental themes. Some of these movies include titles like The Ivory Game, and last year’s Ice on Fire as two examples of how DiCaprio opens everyone’s eyes to our fragile ecosystem.

Out of those environmental films, one stands out as his highest rated feature to date: Virunga. If one thinks Titanic was his highest-rated fictional movie ever, it’ll bring surprise at what its score really is.

‘Virunga’ has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes

It’s been almost six years since DiCaprio executive produced Virunga, which is arguably one of the most heart-rending documentaries ever made. Doubling as both a nature documentary and as a real-life political thriller, it tells about Virunga National Park in eastern Congo and how endangered the mountain gorillas there have become.

Local park rangers have had to risk their lives to protect these primates from poachers and big business wanting to wipe out the gorilla population. The level of greed and push to pursue the natural resources in the region sounds like something out of fiction, yet the events unfolding are all too real and ongoing.

During the documentary, the harrowing nature of the situation grows all too apparent as park rangers lose their lives (or almost do) for the sake of saving this UNESCO world heritage site.

This film made such a profound impact, it was nominated for an Oscar back in 2015. Fans think it should have won, outside of being one of DiCaprio’s crowning achievements as a producer. Today, it’s available to watch on Netflix.

So what is DiCaprio’s highest-rated movie he’s acted in?

Those curious on which DiCaprio fictional film has the highest score should look to Steven Spielberg’s Catch Me if You Can at 96%. More than a few fans might be surprised this film seems to resonate more than any of the others.

Ultimately, Titanic currently falls at 89%, a number likely causing protest by those who still worship this movie. On the other end of things is DiCaprio’s lowest score of all for a movie he acted in: Critters 3 in 1991, which has a 0%.

The good news is many of the films he’s produced with environmental themes have good scores. DiCaprio may prove his lasting film legacy was producing documentaries that brought more awareness to how perilous things are in keeping our planet from irreversible disaster.