Leslie Jones May Be Reviving a Massively Popular Game Show

Leaving Saturday Night Live for bigger horizons is always akin to leaving home to venture out into a sometimes perilous world. The good news is that Leslie Jones already had a lot on her plate when she decided last year to end her run on SNL.

We’ve all noticed how she became a pop culture icon on Twitter thanks to her hilarious tweets and commentary during NBC’s Olympics coverage. They hired her to work directly for them for a time, but we’ve also seen (and heard) Jones practically everywhere beyond the Ghostbusters reboot.

Her career confidence will no doubt branch out even wider. One of those career choices is working toward reviving a somewhat forgotten game show that has a history going back 54 years. With the game show revival trend a hot one, Jones might make hers into a new The Price is Right.

How many of you remember ‘Supermarket Sweep’?

Leslie Jones performs onstage
Leslie Jones | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for Clusterfest

When you look at the concept of Supermarket Sweep, you have to wonder why it wasn’t revived much earlier than almost 30 years ago. The history of the show goes back to 1965 when it first debuted as an afternoon game show on ABC. It ran for several seasons and had one particular novelty from the revival: They visited real grocery stores throughout the New York area.

Later, the show was revived on Lifetime Network in 1990 with host/actor David Ruprecht. This version is the one a lot of people from Generation X (and Millennials) remember. There was another brief revival on The Today Show later on. However, reruns of the ’90s edition haven’t been since the turn of the 21st century.

Leslie Jones proposed a revival, which seems 20 years overdue. Chances are her version won’t be visiting real grocery stores, something the 1990s revivals didn’t bother doing. Nevertheless, the entire concept could end up being a hilarious new hit for her since she’s the perfect host for such a concept.

We’ll just have to see whether some of the past “secrets” of the show carry over into her version.

With Jones at the helm, expect an even faster pace

Supermarket Sweep‘s format was for a married couple to partner up by one answering trivia questions and then the other gathering groceries in the aisles during a mad dash. The trivia questions were always simple to answer, though the challenging part was the spouse running through the aisles to gather as many groceries as possible without distractions.

In the ’90s version, the show would sometimes have people dressed as monsters stepping in to distract the chaotic grocery gathering. With Leslie Jones serving as executive producer of this new version, you can probably expect a lot more chaos than the old version offered.

One thing about the show is they reportedly kept a lot of the same grocery items on the shelves, sometimes meaning the food a contestant gathered was close to spoilage level. Other items (like meats) were sometimes replaced with fakes just to fill the shelves with realistic food products.

There aren’t a lot of details of what Jones’s version is going to entail, other than it might be on a major network. We almost hope she does visit real grocery stores (at least occasionally), creating havoc in the heart of a quiet Middle America supermarket.

Making grocery shopping fun again

Perhaps you can say Supermarket Sweep made going to the grocery store a more pleasant experience for many in past decades. The franchised family supermarket with a fun atmosphere became more of a trend in the ensuing years after the original game show ended its run.

More recently, going to a grocery store is sometimes a bit of a drag for people, especially when it’s overly crowded during holidays. Having Supermarket Sweep back on the air might help the impression of what a grocery store can be.

Not that we want to see anyone mimic the show and run through the aisles frantically grabbing items as if their life depended on it. If there’s ever a major crisis in America or local cities, this might not end up being so entertaining.

Only Leslie Jones can make grocery shopping chaos look like a new theme park.