Fans Are Still Begging Liam Hemsworth to Get Back Together With Miley Cyrus

So this is extremely uncomfy. Two months after announcing their divorce, Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus fans are begging them to get back together. If you haven’t been paying attention, let’s back up for one second.

To the shock of everyone in early August, the musician and the Australian actor announced that they were splitting after less than a year of marriage. Even more shocking was the fact that Cyrus immediately moved on. Well before Hemswirth officially filed for divorce, the Bangerz songstress was snapped locking lips with The Hills starlet. Kaitlynn Carter. Since then, Cyrus has moved on to Australian singer, Cody Simpson, and Hemsworth has been canoodling with Dynasty actress Maddison Brown. So why are fans still shipping the couple?

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus were together for 10 years

When Hemsworth and Cyrus first met on the set of The Last Song a decade ago, sparks flew. Though Cyrus was ready for a little freedom after her days as a child star, and Hemsworth was a bit more straight-laced, they just worked together. After being on-again and off-again for 10 years, the pair decided to tie the knot in December 2018. It seemed to signify that true love could beat the odds.

Miley Cyrus couldn’t be herself with Liam Hemsworth

One of the reasons why Cyrus and Hesmsorth’s relationship failed was that they are vastly different people than who they were when they first met. That can happen when you meet someone at such a young age. In fact, with a free-spirit, and carefree attitude, the “Slide Away” singer felt like she couldn’t be herself with her husband. A source close to Cyrus told People,

She just got to the point where she didn’t want to hold back about who she is. She wants to be true to herself. Being with Liam, this was just not possible. For them to be happy, she had to change as a person too much. She knows not being with Liam will make her happier in the long run.

The real reason Liam Hemsworth filed for divorce so quickly

After seeing those PDA photos of Cyrus and Kaitlynn Carter shortly after their separation was announced, Hemsworth decided there was no way to work things out. A source close to the Hunger Games actor told Hollywood Life,

Liam still loves Miley and this break-up has been extremely hard for him. He took this very, very hard, some would even argue harder than she did. Miley is not who he originally loved anymore and she can’t change, but he just realized he couldn’t be with her like this. He can’t believe what he’s seeing on the internet about her since the break-up.

Will Miley and Liam ever get back together again?

Despite urges and wishes from fans, it’s officially a wrap for the era of Cyrus and HEMWE, and that’s OK. When HI filed for divorce in mid-August citing unreconcilable differences, it seemed like he knew that his marriage wasn’t worth fighting for anymore.

Now that Hemsworth is dating Maddison and Cyrus’ focus is on Simpson, the pair seem to be in better places. An insider told Hollywood Life,

Right now, Miley is so happy being with Cody that she’s not really paying attention to Liam and Maddison because she knows that is the past. Liam was more conservative than Cody and she’s realizing now that she’s older she’s changed. She’s really happy with Cody. It’s safe and it’s easy for her. She’s known Cody for years and her family has known him since he and Miley were kids. She and Cody have a history. This is a completely different thing for her than Liam and they’re just having a lot of fun together which Miley needs right now. It’s nothing super serious and more casual and seeing where it goes, but they do really like each other and have great chemistry together.

It might not be the fairytale we wanted–but it’s better for everyone involved.