‘Life After Lockup:’ Will Clint Brady’s Mom Ever Accept Tracie Wagaman?

The last time that Love After Lockup viewers saw Clint Brady and Tracie Wagaman, he accepted her back after she left him the day after their wedding. Clint’s parents are against his relationship with Tracie and do not believe she is the girl for their son. However, Tracie wants a daughter-in-law bond with Clint’s mother. Will Clint’s mother ever accept her in the family and did viewers spot drug paraphernalia at the newlyweds’ house?

Life After Lockup Clint Tracie
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Clint Brady and Tracie Wagaman’s past

In Love After Lockup Season 2, viewers watched Clint and Tracie meet for the first time and then go to Las Vegas to get married that weekend. However, things quickly took a turn for the worse when Clint woke up the next morning with his new wife missing. She left her ring but took the car and Clint could not get a hold of her.

He finally realized Tracie went to get crack and he called his mother crying, telling her what happened. She advised him to report the car as stolen, so Clint would not be held responsible for not returning the rental car, but Clint refused.

When he returned to his hometown of Hobbs, New Mexico, he found out that Tracie landed back in jail. His lawyer also told him to absolve the marriage; however, Clint never officially registered the marriage. Clint decided he wanted to get his “goddess” back, so he went against his parents’ wishes and picked her up from jail again. They officially got married on March 31, 2019.

Clint Brady and Tracie Wagaman are now living together

Clint and Tracie’s love story picks up on the Life After Lockup premiere with 48 hours left on Tracie’s parole. They plan on going to Las Vegas to celebrate after she completes probation, and Clint wants to make sure she doesn’t violate again, so he reads her the rules every day.

Tracie complained to Clint about not knowing anyone in New Mexico because she’s from Texas, so she wants a daughter-in-law bond with Clint’s mother. However, Clint’s mom hasn’t forgiven Tracie for hurting her son.

Fans also noticed that their house is not the cleanest, including worn-out furniture, ripped mattress, and clothes everywhere. They also spotted what appears to be drug paraphernalia in their home. In the first scene, Tracie is standing in the kitchen, and there seems to be a red bong in the sink.

Viewers also spotted a shopping bag from a weed store in Las Vegas in their bedroom. Even though no one could see the contents of the bag, Clint does have an arrest history with marijuana charges.

Will Clint Brady’s mom accept Tracie Wagaman?

Clint went to his mom’s house and told her Tracie’s concerns. While he tried to promise her that Tracie is doing better, his mom doesn’t buy it. She says Tracie’s already hurt Clint and her past is indicative of her future behavior. Clint’s mother also doesn’t believe that Tracie can stay clean after she gets off parole and won’t get drug tested regularly anymore. Clint’s mom ultimately believes Tracie is not the girl for Clint, so she told him she would not give Tracie a chance.

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