‘Life After Lockup:’ Will Michael Simmons Choose Sarah Simmons or Megan After His Release?

The Megan-Michael-Sarah love triangle picks up on the Life After Lockup premiere four months after Michael’s incarceration. While behind bars, Michael has told his wife and girlfriend the same thing: that he doesn’t have feelings for the other woman anymore. They both believe him and want to continue a relationship with him. However, after he gets out of jail, he will have to make a tough decision finally.

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Sarah and Megan still love Michael

The last time viewers saw the three, officers took Michael into custody after arriving late to his weekly probation check-in because he and Megan got lost. He received four months in jail for the probation violation and has communicated with both Megan and Sarah while behind bars.

During Megan’s first scene, she’s hanging out with her friend, B, and Michael calls. She referred to him as “bae,” and they ended the conversation by exchanging, “I love you’s.” Even though her friends and family do not want her to associate herself with Michael, a married man, she says she feels comfortable with him. She also admitted she doesn’t want to throw away the last two years she has spent giving money and caring for Michael.

In Sarah’s scene, she went shopping with her friends for baby clothes, as she is nine months pregnant with her and Michael’s second child. She told her friends that she continues to speak with Michael, and he explained to her that he would discontinue his relationship with Megan. Sarah admits that she does want to make things work with Michael for her family, and she still loves him.

Megan goes to pick Michael up from jail

Even though Michael is telling Sarah he wants to fix their marriage; he’s also telling Megan that he’s planning on divorcing his wife. Therefore, Megan drove to Flint, Michigan, from Fort Worth, Texas, to pick Michael up from jail again.

However, Megan does not get along with Michael’s family. Sarah and Megan are not friends after their blowout captured on Love After Lockup Season 2. Their disdain for each other continued when the show ended on social media. Megan and Michael’s little sister, Dayday, also got in a social media fight because Dayday defended her sister-in-law, Sarah. She thinks Megan is a homewrecker and wants nothing to do with her.

Megan’s mom and Dayday also arrived at the jail to pick Michael up. They both do not want to talk to Megan or want her coming over their house after his release. However, Megan confronts them, and Dayday makes it clear to Megan that she does not want to have a conversation with her.

Will Michael choose Sarah or Megan?

In a preview for the rest of the season, Michael is seen kissing Megan, and his mom asks him if he wants to “sacrifice all this?” In another clip, Sarah is on the phone with Michael, screaming that he would rather be with his “fat a** girlfriend.”

On social media, Sarah has been very vocal, defending herself from critics. She says that she and Michael have been together for seven years and forgives him for what he’s put her through. She also said she would attend Michael and Megan’s wedding if they married, but said she would never allow her children around Megan.

Michael has posted several pictures of his children on his social media, but none with Sarah or Megan. While it looks like he chooses Megan, viewers will have to wait until this season of Life After Lockup is over to see who he ultimately wants.

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