‘Life After Lockup’: Tracie Wagaman and Clint Brady Break Up…Again

Tracie Wagaman (affectionately known as Goddess, of course) and Clint Brady of WEtv’s Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup got into more legal trouble this past summer. 

Both Wagaman and Brady were arrested in a Texas parking lot on Aug. 6 for possession of drug paraphernalia and a controlled substance. While Brady was released quickly, Wagaman remained incarcerated for two more weeks and is now facing a felony charge.

The passionate, but fickle, Life After Lockup pair recently feuded publicly on social media. Hurling accusations of drug abuse at each other via Twitter, the couple seems to have broken it off at the moment. 

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The pair has had a rocky road to love

Wagaman and Brady certainly haven’t had a smooth relationship. Wagaman infamously left Brady on their wedding night, allegedly to buy drugs, and abandoned her new husband on Love After Lockup. 

Still, they reconnected even after Wagaman went behind bars yet again, posting lovey-dovey couple’s photos on social media. The couple also recently started offering paid Cameo shoutouts for some extra cash and attempted to sell 10 TVs in preparation for an alleged move, making some fans think they were both struggling with addiction and stability. 

Wagaman’s extensive rap sheet got a bit longer when the pair was arrested in August. With Texas’ “three strikes” law and her latest felony charge, the Life After Lockup star could potentially be facing substantial prison time again. 

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Brady took to Twitter to express his frustrations with his “goddess”

In recent weeks, Brady and Wagaman have been in each other’s embrace on social media. But On Nov. 4, Brady sang a different tune on Twitter, arguing that Wagaman was allegedly using substances again.

“I keep asking myself why I keep crying over @TracieWagaman when there are well beyond 165,000,000 women on earth,” he wrote in a now-deleted tweet, as reported by Soap Dirt

Brady continued, “Went to score some meth for herself and has been at the dope man’s house for well over 4 hours now. Haven’t I been thru this before?? When will I learn @TracieWagaman?” The Life After Lockup star also claimed that Wagaman had proven that he was no longer her “first priority.”

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The ‘Life After Lockup’ couple’s statements contradict what Brady has claimed about drug use

Alice Brady, Clint’s mother, previously claimed that Brady didn’t do “hardcore drugs,” as reported by Soap Dirt and other outlets. But, if Brady’s Twitter statements during his Nov. 4 feud with Wagaman are true, his mother wasn’t exactly correct.

In response to Brady’s accusations of drug use and abandonment, Wagaman wrote from her protected Twitter account, “Yeah…. went 2 score for YOU!”

“LOL I’d LOVE to take a drug test now and prove u (and everybody else) otherwise,” Brady pushed back.

Wagaman insisted that he used illegal substances like cocaine and meth just nights before. In response, Brady appeared to admit to his Love After Lockup goddess (and the general public) that he had indeed fallen off the wagon. 

“LOL nice pic u have of us on here. Anyhoo, yeah I did f*** up 2 nights ago, but I’ve not done ANY since then and I barely even did enough for it to probably not show up on a test. At least I’m making an honest effort to stop using hardcore drugs,” he wrote

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Real Love

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Brady appeared to admit to a relapse

Brady added even more details about his alleged substance abuse, writing to Wagaman on Twitter, “And that 1/2 of a line I snorted wasn’t enough to get me off. Other than those 2 little mistakes I did, I’ve been clean for 10 days now. How long have u been clean now?”

The breakup seemed to come to a close with further accusations from the former Life After Lockup husband, who wrote to Wagaman, “Oh and also, let’s point out how much of a gambling problem u have and why u go or sneak off to the casino or game rooms behind my back so often?”

Since the feud, neither Brady nor Wagaman has said anything more about the other, indicating that the on-off couple is likely “off” for now.