Where To Buy Lil Nas X’s Unofficial ‘Satan’ Nikes

In 2019 rapper Lil Nas X dominated charts when he burst onto the music scene with his hit ‘Old Town Road.’ The viral song shattered Billboard chart records and sold millions of copies. Soon enough, Lil Nas X came into his own as he got more and more famous. The celebrity eventually came out, becoming the only artist in history to ever come out as gay with a number 1 hit on the charts. Recently Lil Nas X found himself amid controversy when he released the unofficial Satan Nike shoes. The limited shoes have been the talk of the town ever since they dropped. So where can you buy Lil Nas X’s unofficial Satan Nikes?

Lil Nas X smiling in front of a white background
Lil Nas X | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Lil Nas X found comfort in the internet growing up

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Born Montero Lamar Hill, Lil Nas X was named after the Mitsubishi Montero. His parents divorced when he was six years old, and he had to move in with his mother and grandmother at the Bankhead Courts housing projects. He later moved in with his father in Austell, Georgia. Lil Nas X said that he was initially reluctant to leave Atlanta but ultimately thought it was the best decision. Lil Nas X said if he had stayed in Georgia, he would have fallen in with the wrong crowds.

Lil Nas X spent most of his teenage years keeping to himself and found great comfort on the internet. The rapper said that he loved Twitter because it gave him a chance to showcase his disarming wit and pop culture knowledge. Lil Nas X attended Lithia Springs High School, where he played the trumpet. He was appointed the first chair but quit because he feared being regarded as uncool.

Lil Nas X wanted to keep his sexuality a secret forever

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When Lil Nas X broke into the mainstream with his hit ‘Old Town Road’, many fans began speculating about his sexuality. The artist later said that he had “planned to die with the secret.” Lil Nas X admitted that his family was aware of his sexuality but noted that he hadn’t spoken much about the topic with his mother. Lil Nas X told The Guardian that he wants to represent the LGBTQ community but understands that coming out isn’t an easy decision for many LGBTQ youths.

The rapper understood the violence that LGBTQ people faced, so he preferred to keep his sexuality a secret. The star admitted that all that changed when he became a star. Lil Nas X disclosed his sexuality to his fans in a witty tweet with pictures of rainbows with the caption, “Deadass thought I made it obvious.” Although Lil Nas X believes in living openly, he still prefers to keep his life private. When fans speculated that the rapper had a secret boyfriend, he said that he was in ‘somewhat’ a relationship but kept the details to himself.

Lil Nas X has faced backlash for his Satan Nike shoes

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The rapper recently launched the controversial pair of shoes featuring an inverted cross, a bronze pentagram, and a drop of real human blood. Although some fans and critics have slammed Lil Nas X’s choice of inspiration for the kicks, CNN reports that the shoes sold out fast. The red and black sneakers were a collaboration between the rapper and a New York-based art collective called MSCHF. The partners sourced the shoes’ design inspiration from Nike Air Max 97s, but the giant sportswear brand has distanced itself from the controversial design. In case you missed out on the first batch of shoes, you’re still in luck, as MSCHF would be holding a lottery for a final pair of sneakers on their website. The winner will be announced on April 1.