Lilibet’s Christening Could Help Heal Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Feud With the Royal Family, Commentator Says

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, stepped down as senior royals in 2020. The couple subsequently moved to California. Since then, there has allegedly been a lot of tension between the Sussexes and the rest of the royal family.

However, a royal commentator believes Harry and Meghan’s new baby, Lilibet, could be the key to ending the feud. 

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry under an umbrella as they head to The Endeavour Fund Awards ceremony
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly estranged from the royal family

Some people believe the royal feud started with long-held resentment Harry had with his older brother, Prince William. According to biographer Robert Lacey, the two princes were raised for different futures, and their rift became more apparent as they grew older.

When Meghan entered the picture in 2016, the tension between Harry and William reportedly escalated. According to the Daily Mail, William advised Harry to take things slow with Meghan, which did not sit well with the younger prince.

Since then, William and his wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, began growing apart from Harry and Meghan. It did not help that, in recent months, Harry and Meghan spent a lot of time airing grievances against the royal family to the American media.

Royal commentator believes Lilibet’s christening could heal the feud

Ever since Harry and Meghan moved to California, the couple rarely visits the United Kingdom. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic no doubt played a role in this, but many onlookers believe the feud is a big reason.

However, royal commentator Daniela Elser wrote for that the couple could use Lilibet’s christening as a way to mend the rift between them and the rest of the royal family.

“If the Sussexes were to decide they wanted the christening to happen back in the UK,” Elser wrote, “perhaps even in September when it has been rumoured that both Harry and Meghan will return to London, then it would be construed as an olive branch after years of intra-family squabbling and rancour.”

Elser added, “However, if the Sussexes’ decided to hold the ceremony in California, thus precluding the Queen who no longer travels internationally from attending, it would be seen as nothing less than a clear rejection of the royal family.”

Else also noted that Harry and Meghan choosing friends and family in the U.K. to be Lilibet’s godparents could be another sign of reconciliation.

Sources say there are signs of progress

Regardless of Harry and Meghan’s plan for Lilibet’s christening, sources recently said the Sussexes and the Cambridges are making progress in healing their rift.

According to Us Weekly, a source reportedly said that Meghan and Kate are “in a better” now.

“Tensions have eased between Meghan and Kate,” the insider shared. “Kate even sent Meghan a gift for the baby. They’re in a better place and have exchanged texts since the birth of Lilibet.”

The outlet also reported that Harry and William bonded during the recent unveiling ceremony for a statue dedicated to Princess Diana.

“William and Harry spent the morning before the statue unveiling looking through old keepsakes, notes from Diana, and bonding,” a source said. “They have absolutely turned a new page in their relationship and have started the healing. Everyone around them was thrilled to see how close they were on the day of the statue unveiling.”