Lindsay Lohan Demanded a Private Jet, $860K, and a Meeting with Vladimir Putin to Appear on a Talk Show

In 2013, Dennis Rodman became one of the first Americans to earn an audience with North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un. The third-generation leader admires Rodman’s basketball skills, and their meeting made global headlines. 

Three years later, Lindsay Lohan tried to follow in Rodman’s footsteps, and meet a dictator of her own. Before going on the Russian talk show Let Them Talk, Lohan requested a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

Lindsay Lohan had some interesting demands before going on ‘Let Them Talk’

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The hour-long talk show is similar to many U.S. daytime talk shows. It’s popular, and Lohan’s episode was huge for them. But it still didn’t justify the demands Lohan made before signing her contract.

The contract itself reportedly requested a fee of £650,000, or $860,000 in U.S. dollars at the time. Andrey Malakhov, the host of the show, thought that was outrageous, but it didn’t end there. The Mean Girls star also wanted a “fully paid suite at the Ritz Carlton.” Plus, producers would be restricted from interviewing Lohan’s ex-boyfriend, Egor Tarabasov, for a year after filming Lohan’s interview. 

Those demands were all stipulated in Lohan’s proposed contract, but she also had requests outside of the formal contract, including a meeting with Putin before going on the show. According to Russian tabloids, Lohan wanted a “selfie” with Putin, or she wouldn’t go on Let Them Talk.

Malakhov made it clear that Lohan’s requests were unreasonable and impossible to fulfill. However, Lohan would appear on Let Them Talk in September of 2016, so obviously some kind of arrangement was made. 

It’s not clear how much Lindsay Lohan actually made from her appearance 

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan

Neither Lohan nor Malakhov have revealed the final agreement between Lohan and Let Them Talk. She may have made her $860,000 after all, but it’s clear she never got to meet Putin.

She denied that she wanted a “selfie” with the Russian leader, but she did admit that she wanted an audience with him. Apparently Lohan was planning on setting up a charity dedicated to human trafficking, and wanted to discuss the issue with Putin. She also told her interviewer that she respects Putin, and admires some of his attributes. 

Lohan’s appearance on Let Them Talk was very successful. The show dedicated it’s entire hour-long air time to Lohan, and it paid off. Nine million people tuned in, or nearly 25 percent of the audience share. Since Lohan doesn’t speak Russian, her answer to the interviewer’s questions was dubbed in real-time for the audience. 

Lindsay Lohan mostly discussed her relationship with Egor Tarabasov

Those unfamiliar with Lohan’s past may wonder why a Russian talk show would be so interested in having her on the air, or why so many viewers would tune in to hear her hour-long interview. But Tarabasov, Lohan’s ex-boyfriend, is likely the real reason so many Russians wanted to hear from Lohan.

Although he currently lives in London, the socialite is the son of a powerful Russian oligarch. Lohan accused Tarabasov of being abusive during their tumultuous relationship and engagement, and unfortunately, she has the witnesses to back it up.

In 2016, Tarabasov was filmed twisting Lohan’s arm in public. She claims what went on behind closed doors was much worse, and that he once even tried to strangle her. Tarabasov was the main topic of discussion during Lohan’s interview. It’s clear that Russian audiences wanted to know more about the abuse she suffered at his hands. 

Although Lohan never got her meeting with Putin, she would compare herself to him later. During the filming for her reality show, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club aspired to be like the famously stoic dictator. She said that when it comes to her business, she was going to take a leaf out of Putin’s book. “I have no emotion when it comes to money and business.”