Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club: Where Is Mykonos?

Fans and critics alike were slightly skeptical when Lindsay Lohan announced her latest project: a reality show focused on her new restaurant and beach chill spot in Mykonos, Greece. It’s an interesting decision for the former A-list celebrity, who had an epic fall from grace. There were more than a few cringe-worthy tabloid stunts including drug use, multiple DUIs, excessive partying in the clubs, and bad behavior on set.

But Lohan is taking that party-girl aspect of her personality and channeling it into something good. After the shame of being annihilated in the press, Lohan escaped to Dubai and eventually Mykonos to soothe her soul and escape the media’s attention. She ended up falling in love… with the landscape.

Why did Lindsay Lohan choose Greece?

Mykonos is a part of Greece, an island situated on the Aegean Sea. The most famous thing about this place besides its natural beauty is the party scene. The beaches here, including aptly-named Paradise and Super Paradise, attract revelers with the promise of thumping music and gigantic dance clubs that remain open until sunrise (or later). These clubs will often boast big-name DJs making guest appearances and drawing even bigger crowds.

The island is the perfect place for hard partyers – just like Lohan used to be. But even if you’re a little more laid-back, the stunning landscapes are enough to keep any beach-lover satisfied.

When you visit Mykonos matters

TripAdvisor reviewers have overwhelmingly positive things to say about Lohan Beach Club – it has a four-star rating with 170 reviews. But depending on when travelers make the journey to Lohan’s new beach club or to Mykonos in general, they get a very different experience.

For example, pamela n from Oakland said, “We went during a slow month in late September so it was quite mellow. It’s a gorgeous location off the beaten path. I’m sure it’s wild during high season but it was pretty dead in September.”

Compare that to Foodie2508, who visited in early July: “Stumbled across this place as our hotel was really near. We could here the great music being played by the DJ and just followed the sound! As we enter we say Lindsey [sic] Lohan and then realised this was her spot. The DJ was amazing, the place was filled with beautiful people and the cocktails were great.”

Will Lindsay Lohan’s new beach club be successful?

Plenty of people don’t even realize that Lindsay Lohan has a new club, but it’ll get more exposure once her reality show premieres on MTV in January. There was that viral video of Lohan herself dancing at the club which got some press for the newly-opened spot. Then there were rumors circulating about her supposedly overreacting at a waitress for wearing the wrong shoes. But that’s all in the past now.

After the show’s premiere, it’s just a matter of time people start frequenting the spot because it looks so enticing… or out of morbid curiosity. Either way, only time will tell if Lindsay Lohan’s risky new business venture will pay off.