Lindsey Vonn Wanted Her Makeup Line to be Different Than Other Celebrity Brands

Few skiers in the history of the sport built a career as impressive—and as victory-laden—as that of Lindsey Vonn. In the world of competitive alpine skiing, she is arguably the greatest American competitor of all time, regardless of gender. She possessed a perfect blend of talent and toughness, coming back from devastating injuries over and over in her career.

Vonn officially retired in February 2019, leaving many to wonder how she would choose to occupy herself. Recently Vonn surprised the sports world by announcing her decision to open her own custom line of cosmetics. Here we take a closer look at Vonn’s athletic career and personal life while investigating what makes her makeup line stand out from the competition.

Lindsey Vonn smiling in front of a blue background
Lindsey Vonn | Martin Rauscher/SEPA.Media/Getty Images

Vonn’s athletic career

To call Vonn one of the greatest alpine skiers of all time is no exaggeration. Vonn is one of only two women to ever win four World Cup championships, posting consecutive victories in 2009, 2009, and 2010. Vonn also set a women’s world record by winning a total of 82 World Cup even victories—20 more victories than the second place position.

Those 82 wins are also good for second-most regardless of gender, behind only Swedish skiing legend Ingemar Stenmark’s 86 World Cup victories. Vonn wasn’t just dominant in one particular style of alpine skiing, either. Instead, she was one of just six women to win at least one World Cup race in all five disciplines of the sport—super-G, downhill, slalom, giant slalom, and super combined.

Vonn’s legacy is also bolstered by the fact that she recovered from numerous serious injuries over the course of her career. Things like torn ligaments and broken bones caused her to miss numerous World Cup competitions, as well as the entirety of the 2014 Winter Olympics. Nonetheless, Vonn was so dominant that she still holds the top spot in the women’s super ranking.

Vonn’s personal life

Vonn’s personal life has featured numerous relationships with fellow athletes. In 2007, she married the competitive skier Thomas Vonn. The two had previously participated together on the U.S. Ski Team. Thomas Vonn also participated in the 2002 Olympics. After four years of marriage, the couple announced their divorce, which was finalized in 2013.

Vonn’s next high profile relationship was with Tiger Woods. The two dated for a little over two years, after which Vonn spent a year dating Kenan Smith, an assistant coach in the NFL. Then, in 2018, Vonn started dating P.K. Subban, a professional hockey player. Vonn proposed to Subban in 2019, and the two are now engaged to be married.  

Why Vonn’s makeup line stands out

Those who know Vonn weren’t that surprised when she announced her intention to dive into the cosmetics world. While Vonn’s athletic legacy rests on durability and strength, she’s always been feminine and fashionable off the slopes. Vonn even made the Sports Illustrated “Fashionable 50” list in 2018, where she listed Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, and Chrissy Teigen among her style idols.

In January, Vonn stated that her beauty line was “still in the development process,” with the goal of launching next year. As yet, the name of the beauty line remains a secret. Vonn has been clear, however, that her cosmetics will be marketed specifically toward women with active lifestyles.

That’s how she plans to differentiate her line from those offered by other celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Lady Gaga. According to Vonn, she sees her cosmetics as “something where you can wear it in the morning to the gym, and then wear it to work, or vice versa.” If Vonn can successfully pull off that goal, she should be able to carve out a unique place in the competitive world of cosmetics.