Lionel Richie Has Finally “Accepted” Sofia Richie and Scott Disick’s Relationship—What Made Him Change His Mind?

Lionel Richie is finally onboard with Sofia Richie dating Scott Disick.

Since the couple made their relationship official back in May 2017, Richie has been on the fence about his youngest daughter being romantically involved with an older man.

Lionel and Sofia Richie
Lionel Richie and Sofia Richie | Christopher Polk/Getty Images for SAG-AFTRA Foundation

Though the singer’s had reservations about their love in the past, he can now see how happy Disick makes his daughter and is finally accepting this relationship for what it is.

Richie is making an effort to get to know Disick

Every father dreads seeing their little girl grow up and try their hand at love with someone the family doesn’t really approve of.

In Richie’s case, his hesitations were clear the moment his daughter, Sofia, started dating Disick.

On top of the reality star’s tumultuous past as a notorious party boy, the Grammy’s winner’s main concern surrounding Richie and Disick’s romance has been their 15-year age gap.

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The couple has constantly been faced with backlash for their age difference and though being a few years apart doesn’t both them, it was a major issue for the singer.

Though he’s voiced his concerns for his daughter dating someone much older in the past, Richie has now “accepted” the relationship and is “making an effort” to get to know the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star.

“Scott and Sofia are still together and all is well for now,” an insider recently told E! News. “They spent Thanksgiving with Lionel Richie and they all flew together on his private jet for their holiday trip.”

While he is still a little weary about Sofia dating someone 15-years her senior, Richie is being open-minded to this relationship now that he’s gotten to know Disick a little better.

“Lionel has accepted their relationship but still isn’t entirely 100 percent on board with Scott mostly because of the age difference and how young Sofia is,” the source continued. “Lionel can see how happy Sofia is though so he is definitely making more of an effort with Scott.”

“He is a really honest, up front kind of guy and feels like his father-daughter relationship with Sofia is more important than anything so he’s trying to be there for Sofia and to be supportive of her despite his reservations about her relationship,” the source adds. “They all had a really great holiday together though and progress is for sure being made between Lionel and Scott.”

Richie didn’t think this relationship would last

Though he’s now accepted his daughter’s relationship with Disick, there was a time when Richie was certain their romance wasn’t going to last forever.

Back in 2018, the “Hello” crooner described Richie and Disick’s relationship as a “phase” despite reports claiming how “in love” they were with each other.

“She’s 19. When you’re 19 you know everything,” the singer told Australia’s Daily Telegraph. “Is it going to be for life? I don’t know. But for right now it’s just a phase and I’m going to stand real still in the corner, get me a good drink and not make too much noise.”

Despite thinking that the couple didn’t have a future together, Richie had nothing but nice things to say about Disick.

“From what I met of him he’s a very nice guy,” the singer said. “When you hang around the reality world, who knows what you are really doing? This is a well-oiled machine, the Kardashian machine. I don’t really know what to think. I told Sofia I will have no opinion. I’ll continue to be my cheerful self and move on.”

Now that his daughter and Disick have been together for more than two years, Richie can see that he makes her very happy and that’s all that really matters to him.