‘Little Big Shots’: 5 of the Best Performances So Far

'Little Big Shots': 5 of the Best Performances So Far

Host Steve Harvey sits next to a “little big shot.” | Danny Feld/NBC

While there are many things you probably don’t know about Steve Harvey, the fact that he’s funny and able to bring out the best in his guests is clear to anyone. Harvey serves as a host on many shows including Family Feud, but he has a new gig that has some adorable guests: Little Big Shots.

Little Big Shots is a show where young kids showcase their impressive talents. Some of the contestants accidentally fallen into fame with a viral video, while others worked hard on a craft in order to be asked on the show. So what are the best performances so far? Here are five Little Big Shots performances that are not only impressive coming from children… but from anyone!

1. Evinka, the boxer

Boxing is a tough sport; it’s not only surprising to see a kid training in it, but seeing a little girl take it on is impressive. This eight-year-old dished out hard punches and demonstrated to everyone not to mess with her. She showed off her skills on Little Big Shots by punching as much as she could for 30 seconds, totaling 206 punches.

The little boxer is from Kazakhstan and is being trained by her father, Rustram Saadvakass, according to Daily Mail. That training includes sparring in the woods with her siblings, and she eventually was able to stand out on her own with her talent.

“I like boxing because when I throw a side hook and I hit hard,” Evinka said according to Daily Mail. “I like the sound it makes. I also like when I’m punching fast and my feet join in.”

2. Han Jiaying, the animal hypnotist

Many people spend a lot of money to train their animals, but this five-year-old is not like most people. Han Jiaying is from China and she came on Little Big Shots in order to give different animals her magical touch.

As a hypnotist, she can make unruly animals fall asleep by saying certain phrases and putting them on their backs. Harvey put her talent to the test with a dog, frog, lizard, chicken, and bunny. Some of them even got their own cute little pillow! After getting them to lie on their backs and rest, she flips them back over to show that they are perfectly fine.

Jiaying was previously on Amazing Chinese, which is also a talent show, according to Life Daily. There she was also able to get a dog to sleep using the same method. So how does she do it? According to GB Times, animals have a reflex called “tonic immobility” or “apparent death.” They basically play dead. Over a year ago, the little girl figured out how to do this after someone brought a frog into her kindergarten.

3. Ryusei aka Baby Bruce Lee

There are plenty of people who idolize Bruce Lee with good reason. The man created the martial art form, Jeet Kune Do. He often was so fast that he had to slow himself down for his iconic movie fight scenes. So it’s probably hard to imagine that a little kid replicate his fight scenes until you see it for yourself.

Ryusei is about five years old and is dedicated to learning to fight like his idol. The Japanese boy went viral for doing a fighting scene from Enter the Dragon with nunchucks. Then he made appearances on Korean television, where he revealed that his father is teaching him kung fu through Bruce Lee movies, according to New York Daily News.

On Little Big Shots, the little boy stunned audiences again with his nunchucks, yellow and black jumpsuit, and serious fighting skills. He recreated a fighting scene from Game of Death without even looking.

4. Tap dancers Freddie and Teddie

Dancers have to begin practicing pretty young, so Freddie and Teddie have a great start. The seven-year-old twins have practiced dancing for more than 20 hours a week since they were four. On Little Big Shots, they demonstrated all that practice by performing a routine inspired by the Nicholas brothers in Stormy Weather. The kids danced up and down a staircase, jumped over each other, and even did splits.

This isn’t their first rodeo on television. Freddie and Teddie have also been on Access Hollywood, The Tonight Show, and Despierta America. When the little boys first started dancing they were advancing faster than their peers. They not only tap but have been trained in ballet, hip hop, and jazz.

Other than taking lessons at EDGE Performing Arts Center, they also play baseball and have a love life. Teddie told Harvey that he broke up with his girlfriend because he could not handle it. Harvey said he could relate but it’s more expensive when he leaves.

5. Trick Shot Titus

Perhaps this kid has a future as a Harlem Globe Trotter? Four-year-old Titus really knows how to score some points when it comes to basketball. He has achieved internet fame for videos showing his scoring skills from far distances. Harvey ended up putting his skills to the test.

Not only did Titus score on the Little Big Shots stage from a good amount of distance, but the little boy was also able to score high up in the air. Luckily, he was able to do it fairly quickly so they could get back down. Harvey looks hilariously uncomfortable being too far up in the air.

The little boy already has his own Youtube channel called Trick Shot Titus. There you can find videos of him and his father sinking basketballs and soccer balls from bleachers, swimming pools, and more. He was also lucky enough to meet famous celebrities, like Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper.

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