‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff Admits Her Family Was Wary of Boyfriend Chris Marek at First

The Roloff family has graced our television screens for 14 years, and fans are hoping we continue to see them on Little People, Big World for years to come. Matt and Amy Roloff brought their family into the spotlight as they showed their viewers how they raise a family and maintain the family farm as little people. Since the beginning, though, a ton has changed. Matt and Amy are no longer together, and the destiny of the beloved Roloff Farms remains quite uncertain in the wake of their divorce.

It’s not all bad, though. Matt and Amy have both moved on to new relationships, and things are heating up for Amy and boyfriend Chris Marek. It turns out her family may have been uncertain of Chris at first, however. Here’s what she said.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek have both mentioned marriage is on their mind

We’ve seen Chris with Amy for years now on Little People, Big World. The two first met when Amy went to a single’s mixer post-divorce, and they hit it off soon after. While Amy maintained in the past that she thought she’d be single for the rest of her life, she’s now completely changed her tune. She doesn’t want to push Chris into marriage, of course, but she’s said before that if she was presented with the opportunity to wed Chris, she’d absolutely accept and take it very seriously.

People reports on an episode of the show, Chris opened up to friends whilst on a camping trip with Amy about his feelings on marriage. He mentioned that he’s “certainly not against marriage” though he’s never been married in the past. And to that, Amy jumped for joy. “I’m not here to push him, I’m not here for him to do something that he is nowhere [near] ready for. But if marriage is meant to happen for me again, the second time, then I would sing ‘Hallelujah,’” she told the cameras.

Amy said her family wasn’t too sure about Chris at first

Amy seems head-over-heels for Chris, but it seems her family may have had their doubts at first. During an interview with Us Weekly, she mentioned that dating post-divorce was a tough adjustment for her kids. And she even mentioned that her four famous adult kids may have hoped for a reconciliation between Matt and her at first. “I think in the beginning, maybe they hoped. … I think we’re just doing our best with the relationships that we’re now in or have been in. We’re doing our best not to shove it in their face or anything,” she said.

In the same interview, Amy then noted that “Chris is, like, the new guy on the scene,” which may have been difficult for her kids to adjust to. “So, to my kids, it’s like, ‘Wait a minute — what is mom doing? Who is this person?’ And just helping them to appreciate that life does go on and, you know, he is a person you don’t know but I’m so appreciative of the respect and everything that they have given him.” Amy then added that Chris has grown to love her family — and even Matt mentioned he gets along well with him, too.

Fans also have mixed feelings about Chris

It’s not just the other Roloffs who seemingly weren’t so sure about Chris when he first entered the scene. Amy’s fan base has also called out Chris for not being the right fit for the star. On one recent episode of Little People, Big World, Amy was late to arrival at the beach house she was meeting Chris at — and he was legitimately angry he had to wait for her. Fans took to Instagram to share how they felt about his severe reaction. “Amy, you can do better than Chris. Alone would be better than having to gravel and beg for his mercy because you were late,” the fan commented. And others agreed. “Chris is trouble,” another echoed.

It doesn’t look like Chris is leaving anytime soon, however, so fans will have to get used to him being in Amy’s presence on the show. We’re all curious to see how fans would react to the two getting engaged as well.

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