‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff Admits the Producers of the Show Pushed Her Into Dating

We’ve been watching Little People, Big World since the very beginning — and while Matt and Amy Roloff aren’t together anymore, they’re still figuring out how to make life work best for them post-divorce. Both Matt and Amy have found love after their separation, but it certainly wasn’t easy. When the separation first happened, Amy seemed hopeless when it came to getting back in the dating field — but now, she’s quite happy with her current boyfriend, Chris Marek.

There’s a reason Amy jumped back into the world of dating, too. According to her, the producers of the show really wanted her to go out and meet potential suitors. Here’s what she said.

Amy Roloff once said she could never imagine dating again after her divorce

Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff
Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff | Peter Kramer/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Amy and Matt Roloff both knew their relationship was no longer working after three decades, but even so, the separation was incredibly difficult for Amy. She’s noted before that her experience with dating was minimal, and she had no confidence that she’d ever be able to get back into the world of going on dates. Not only was she note sure exactly how to go about finding a potential man to go out with, but she also noted that she didn’t think anyone would want to date her.

People reports during a clip from LPBW back in 2015, Amy said, “I don’t think anyone would be really interested” when it came to going out. Even Matt mentioned during the same interview that he would date again, but would never consider marriage.

She noted during an interview that the producers of the show wanted her to date

Amy was proven wrong, as she’s been dating Chris Marek for nearly three years, and fans are quite glad she decided to give love another chance. And while she may have been stubbornly against the idea of dating, the producers of the show allegedly really wanted her to get back into the dating world.

During a recent interview with Access, Amy said, “After divorce, you know, production’s like, ‘Oh, you gotta date! Date!'” But she noted she definitely needed time to “breathe” and be by herself to figure out how to continue life on her own. When she was ready, she noted she created a single’s event with her friend, and that’s when she met Chris. And Matt also chimed in that Amy seemed to move on incredibly fast, as she met Chris very soon after the divorce and has since never looked back.

Her relationship with Chris is getting ultra-serious, too

For someone who never believed in getting into another relationship, Amy’s future with Chris now looks ultra-bright. The two have been together for years, and it now seems they’re beginning to talk about the possibility of engagement. During a clip of LPBW, People reports Chris discussed with friends his feelings on marriage — and for the most part, they seemed positive. “I’m certainly not against marriage — I never thought I’d be this age and still single,” he said.

Amy seems overjoyed at the idea of getting remarried, too. People notes she said that even though she’s divorced now, she still likes the idea of marriage and is excited that Chris also sees the value in such a high level of commitment. “I’m not here to push him, I’m not here for him to do something that he is nowhere [near] ready for. But if marriage is meant to happen for me again, the second time, then I would sing ‘Hallelujah,'” she said. We’ll have to wait and see if wedding bells are in Chris and Amy’s future, but we’re betting they’re both glad the producers pushed Amy to start dating again after she was so against it.

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