‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff Just Told Fans on Instagram She Made a ‘Big Decision’

Fans of Little People, Big World have grown to love the entire Roloff family over the years. While Matt and Amy Roloff are divorced now, we remember when the family was united as one and all four of their children were on the show. A lot has changed since the beginning, however — and now, Matt and Amy are in a battle over what to do with Roloff Farms as they attempt to move past their separation that occurred years ago.

There are a few episodes left of this season of the show — and Amy just clued fans in that she made a “big decision” that we’ll have to wait to watch. Here’s what she could be referring to.

Amy Roloff posted about her ‘big decision’ on Instagram

Amy Roloff has nearly 1 million followers on Instagram, and fans of Little People, Big World often use her as a resource to get a clue as to what’s coming next. Recently, she’s posted a lot about her autobiography, A Little Me. But she also just posted a photo of herself to promote new episodes of the show and to remind everyone that she has a big reveal coming. “Wow! Be sure to watch a new episode of Season 14 @tlc Little People Big World #lpbw. Can’t believe there’s just a few more left. Woohoo! The Big Decision I make is near,” she captioned the post.

Fans commented that they’re anxiously awaiting to hear the news as well — and many think she’ll be making an announcement about Tori Roloff’s pregnancy. Others speculate that the big news is regarding Roloff Farms or perhaps big news with her boyfriend, Chris Marek. “Big decision …. marry Chris ? Sell the farm ? Oooooh exciting ! [sic]” a fan commented.

She’s likely finally making a decision regarding the future of Roloff Farms

It makes perfect sense for Amy’s “big decision” to be all about the future of Roloff Farms, as she even added “#thefarm” as a hashtag on the post. As viewers know, the fate of the farm has been the biggest topic of conversation this season. Both Matt and Amy still reside on the farm’s property. And while Matt has made it clear he’s ready to sell the farm completely and move on with his life with girlfriend Caryn Chandler, Amy’s having trouble making any major decisions.

As The Hollywood Gossip reports Amy recently told the cameras, “Moving out of a house that I never really thought I’d move out of years ago. … To think about that now is a little daunting. It is a little scary, it’s a little intimidating because I’ve never really been on my own before.” While Amy seems to have a lot of emotions over potentially moving, Matt has made it clear he’s out of patience. “She’s being a little bit, in my mind, selfish right now,” he said on the show.

Is the ‘decision’ actually about her future with boyfriend Chris Marek?

Perhaps Amy is throwing her fans for a loop by adding the farm hashtag in the post, as we can’t forget she’s been throwing around a lot of marriage talk this season, too. Amy has spoken multiple times about how she’d love to get married again — and even Chris said he’s now open to the idea of tying the knot. Could there be another Roloff wedding in the works? Fans certainly think so.

One fan commented on Amy’s post that they think they see a ring on her finger. And others assumed Amy was still “waiting for commitment from Chris,” so there aren’t actually any new developments there. Perhaps we’ll actually be bombarded with multiple announcements at the end of the season — but we’re hoping there’s more than just the farm announcement in the works.

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