‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff Might Get Upset With Caryn Chandler for This Instagram Comment

This past season of Little People, Big World proved to be a whirlwind experience for both the Roloffs and the fans. The plot mainly revolved around the fate of Roloff Farms, and the tension was fierce between ex-couple Matt and Amy Roloff. And what made the stress even worse for the family was Amy’s intense discomfort around Matt’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler.

Caryn was an employee on Roloff Farms before dating Matt, and Amy’s made it known that she thinks something was going on between them even before her divorce. And Caryn recently made a comment on Instagram that might rub Amy the wrong way given their history.

Amy Roloff has noted how Caryn Chandler makes her uncomfortable

Amy and Caryn are amicable when it comes to face-to-face interactions, but Amy hasn’t been shy about sharing how she really feels about Matt dating someone whom she used to work closely with. Radar Online notes Amy said on the show, “Matt’s worked with her for many many years. So that will always hurt to some degree. But it is something that I will have to be an adult about — doesn’t mean I have to accept it.” In Touch Weekly notes Amy has also said, “When I’m in the same room as Caryn, I have a constant reminder of a marriage that didn’t work out, and a loss.”

While Matt and Caryn seem to be gearing up for marriage in the near future, it seems like fans are unimpressed with the way Caryn conducted herself at the end of the last season, too. As one fan commented on Matt’s Instagram after the recent finale, “You’ve always been my favorite Matt but I would tell Caryn to hold her jetts. This should be between you and Amy only. 28 years of marriage justifies that. Chris is staying out of it… Caryn should too [sic].”

It seems Caryn’s close relationship with the other Roloffs bothers Amy

While it’s hard for Amy to see her ex-husband with another woman, it seems the real issue may be that Amy thinks Caryn is overstepping her boundaries with the other Roloffs. In Touch Weekly notes on one particular episode of LPBW, Matt invited Caryn to Tori Roloff’s gender reveal party when Tori was pregnant with her son, Jackson. Amy didn’t invite her boyfriend, Chris Marek, to keep the event just between immediate family members. And Amy thought it was quite inappropriate that Caryn attended.

“I think coming here to this particular event is an intimate family thing …. It just throws a whole different dynamic to my life here on the farm,” Amy said. And fans seemed to think this reaction meant Amy was uncomfortable with Caryn getting close to her kids, grandkids, or in-laws. As one fan tweeted, “It’s obvious Amy is super jealous of Matt’s new girlfriend. Looks like her kids feel comfortable and like her very much too.”

Caryn’s latest comment on Instagram is likely to displease Amy

Fans have accused Amy of being jealous of Caryn’s close relationship with the other Roloffs as noted before. And if this is true, we’re betting Amy would take issue with Caryn’s recent Instagram comment on Audrey Roloff’s Instagram. Audrey is married to Amy’s son, Jeremy, and the married couple has a daughter who’s almost 2 years old. Audrey posted cute photos to Instagram of her daughter, Ember — and Caryn was quick to comment. “Sooooo adorbs! Need to bbsit her ASAP [sic],” Caryn commented.

Audrey didn’t comment back to Caryn, however. And aside from Caryn’s hope to babysit Ember, there have also been photos showing Caryn hanging out with Zach’s son, Jackson, and Matt and Amy’s older daughter, Molly. Amy may have her reservations about Caryn’s relationships with her family, but in the end, we’re hoping she just wants peace and happiness for everyone. And perhaps Amy’s future move off of Roloff Farms will be what she needs to find peace.

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