‘Little People, Big World’: Chris Marek Seemingly Can’t Stand This Quality in Amy Roloff

The Roloff family has graced our television for years, and fans are enjoying the brand new season of Little People, Big World, too. From the kids growing up and starting their own families to Matt and Amy Roloff divorcing, a ton has changed for the family since the beginning. And it seems there’s more tension than ever this season between Matt and Amy has they navigate life on the farm together post-separation.

Tension between the Roloff family isn’t all that fans have noticed, either. Amy and her boyfriend, Chris Marek, have been together for three years — but judging from a recent episode, it seems there’s a quality in her he’d love to see change. Here’s what happened.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek are getting super serious

On the current season of Little People, Big World, fans are getting a taste of just how close Amy and Chris are becoming. We remember when their relationship first began — and while they seemed to take things one step at a time, there’s been recent talk of marriage that has all of us curious as to what’s coming next.

People notes during a recent camping trip with friends, the topic of marriage came up for Amy and Chris, as they’ve already been dating for nearly three years. As Amy told the cameras, “Even though I’m divorced, I still value and will hold up high the whole concept, the reason, the purpose that marriage is here.” And to her surprise, Chris also seemed open to the idea of getting hitched. “I’m certainly not against marriage — I never thought I’d be this age and still single,” he told his friends. Could this be a clue that he’s gearing up to propose? Fans are hopeful that’s the case.

Chris recently got angry with Amy for her lack of punctuality

Chris and Amy always seem happy to be around each other — that is, until recently. Amy and her friends arranged a beach trip for their spouses and Chris to be a part of — and when Chris traveled to the house to meet up with everyone, no one was there to greet him. Not only that, but he also mentioned that there was no key for him to let himself in. “I get there and no one’s home … no keys, the doors are locked, and I ended up going and finding a place and eating lunch alone and waiting for everybody to come back,” he told the producers.

When Amy finally greeted him at home, he made it known he wasn’t happy. And while Amy didn’t want to start their vacation off on the wrong foot, she noted she felt awful about the whole thing. “I messed up … I felt bad about that,” she told the cameras.

Amy explained she wants to be more punctual to improve her relationship

Amy and Chris have a number of differences — and it seems their philosophy on being on time is also on that list. There was notable tension between the two of them when they went kayaking on their beach trip, and Chris reflected on how he really felt. “It’s just polite and the right thing to let the other person know if you’re gonna be late or early, but especially late,” Chris mentioned to the cameras.

Amy also added how she felt about the whole situation. “With Chris, punctuality is definitely a key element in what he does, being a realtor,” she said. “I’ve had a little more flexibility on that punctuality … breaking that habit is always hard to do, and so I am working on being sensitive to our differences the best I can.”

Should Amy change her ways to accommodate Chris? There are plenty of varying opinions from fans about this, though many have come to her defense. “Run….fast! If Chris got that upset and pouted like a 3yr old over a simple mistake…not good!” one fan mentioned on Instagram.

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