‘Little People, Big World’: Did Amy Roloff Subtly Shade Matt Roloff on Father’s Day?

Another season of Little People, Big World has recently ended, and fans never expected the grand conclusion. We know Matt and Amy Roloff divorced years ago and have since been residing on opposite ends of Roloff Farms property, but Amy made the major decision to sell her part of the farm. And while it seemed like Matt and Amy have been totally amicable in the years following their separation, Amy opened up about a lot of hurt she’s been feeling — and fans have really felt for her.

With it recently being Father’s Day, Amy usually shares a sweet message about the fathers in her life on Instagram — but she may have just subtly shaded Matt this year. Here’s what happened.

Matt Roloff wrote a heartfelt post that included Amy for Mother’s Day this year

It’s clear Matt and Amy have complicated feelings about each other now. Today, they both are in serious relationships with their significant others, and they also have to see each other often thanks to living in such close proximity and owning Roloff Farms together. From Matt’s perspective, it appears he’s doing just fine with Amy around post-divorce — and he’s even stood up for her via social media when fans attacked. Not only that, but this past Mother’s Day, he included her in his heartfelt Instagram message about the mothers in his life that he appreciates.

“A very Happy Mother’s Day to ..first and foremost … my mom (Peggy) the one who gave me life and made me who I am! …. and to Amy the wonderful mother of my 4 amazing children[ sic],” he captioned his post on Instagram. “AND finally to ALL the moms … those that desire to be moms and all the wonderful women in the world that define the word ‘mom’ – You are the heart and soul and givers of life and love [sic].” Fans loved this sweet message, too. “Very sweet to include Amy in your message and well wishes. Such class,” a fan commented.

Amy remained totally silent on Father’s Day

Amy posts to Instagram quite often, but this year, In Touch Weekly notes she added absolutely nothing to commemorate Father’s Day. And her silence seemed particularly odd given her sweet Father’s Day post from 2018 — though that post also included absolutely no mention of Matt, either. “Happy Happy Fathers Day Zach Roloff and Jeremy James Roloff. I’m so proud of you both and the Dad you are growing into for your son and daughter. It’s the best forever role that keeps blessing you everyday [sic],” Amy captioned her 2018 post.

Amy could have just been too busy to create a post for the holiday this year, of course, as we know she was doing a lot of traveling to see her mother and father while her mom was in the hospital. And she also followed her Michigan visit up with a road trip with boyfriend Chris Marek. Even so, it doesn’t take much to give a quick shout out to the fathers in her life, and she chose to forego it all completely on the ‘gram.

Amy just included scathing accusations about Matt in her memoir

Not only did Amy remain silent for Father’s Day on social media, but she also released her memoir, A Little Me, on June 4. The memoir is all about her experience growing up with achondroplasia dwarfism — and it also includes some scathing information about Matt. In the book, Amy claimed that Matt “betrayed” her and was seeing a farm employee (who we can assume was his current girlfriend, Caryn Chandler) behind her back while she and Matt were still married, Radar Online reports. “Then it dawned on me. Matt and our farm manager, who had been working for us a number of years by then, seemed to have more than just a working relationship or friendship,” she wrote.

We know Amy and Matt decided to separate, but Amy added in her book, “I kept quiet over the years. I didn’t even think about divorce; I didn’t want it to be an option. I’ve never felt so alone, hurt, and betrayed in my life.” And it’s clear from this last season of LPBW that she’s still feeling the aftershock of the divorce today. We’re hoping Amy is finding some peace with her decision to move on from Roloff Farms, too.

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