‘Little People, Big World’: Do Audrey and Jeremy Roloff Want More Children?

We’ve watched Little People, Big World for over a decade — and while the family dynamics have changed over the years, there’s no doubt we’re all still interested in what the Roloff family’s up to. It all started with married couple and farm owners Matt and Amy Roloff. Matt and Amy both have dwarfism, but such is not the case for most of their kids. Jeremy, Molly, and Jacob are all of average height, though their son, Zach, who also happened to make news for being Jeremy’s twin, has dwarfism as well.

Nowadays, Matt and Amy are no longer married, the kids are all grown up, and a few of their children are even married with kids of their own. Jeremy Roloff, a fan favorite, has decided to leave Little People, Big World, but thanks to his active online presence with his wife, Audrey, we get to get a glimpse into his life with his own little family. Right now he just has one daughter, Ember — but could that be slated to change in the future? Here’s what Jeremy and Audrey have said.

Jeremy and Audrey’s daughter was born in 2017

Jeremy and Ember Roloff
Jeremy and Ember Roloff | Jeremy Roloff via Instagram

Us Weekly reports the couple’s baby daughter, Ember, was born on Sept. 10, 2017. Audrey chose to give a natural birth, which Jeremy praised. And though the young woman noted her difficulties before labor, during labor, and after having Ember, she also explained the joys of motherhood and the “miraculous process” that birth truly is. “We are excited for the journey of parenthood that lies ahead. Welcome to our family Ember, may you be a glowing, fierce, and radiant light in this world,” the couple said.

Today, the couple are doing better than ever. “I feel loved and am thankful for a husband like Jeremy,” the publication notes Audrey said. And though they’re no longer participating in the filming of Little People, Big World, they have plenty of exciting projects of their own. In addition to a book coming out in 2019, their website, Beating 50 Percent, and Audrey’s clothing line, Always More, the couple are doing very well for their little family.

They’ve both discussed wanting a large family

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff
Audrey and Jeremy Roloff | Audrey Roloff via Instagram

Can we expect a family expansion from Jeremy and Audrey? It seems like the couple is planning on having more children. Romper notes Jeremy has spoken before about how he loves the idea of having a large family with lots of kids. Considering he has three other siblings, we totally understand why he’d want to embrace a bigger family of his own.

As for Audrey, she’s also on board for more kids. The publication notes in the same interview with Jeremy, the mom said she always wanted four children. It seems like they’re not in a rush to have another baby anytime soon, however. Audrey’s noted she’s enjoying time with just Ember and Jeremy for now, though perhaps in a year or two things will change.

Rumors circulated that Audrey was pregnant with baby No. 2

Jeremy Roloff with wife Audrey
Jeremy Roloff with wife Audrey | Jeremy Roloff via Instagram

Fans were excited when rumors that Audrey was pregnant with a second child circulated in the summer of 2018 — but they turned out to be totally false. Good Housekeeping notes Audrey took to social media to dispel the rumors herself, too. On Instagram, she took a screenshot of the original article claiming she was pregnant and wrote over it, “This kind of stuff just makes me realize how much fake news is out there like what in the world?!?.” She also added that if she has any baby news, it’ll come straight from her first. “Again, if you didn’t hear it from my mouth … it’s probably not true.”

Fans were also suspicious of baby No. 2 when Jeremy’s father, Matt, posted a photo of Audrey and Jeremy on his Instagram with the caption, “Today was a crazy day. …. I could explain. But better to just leave it at that. I’m going to sleep a happy grandpa.” What was the post all about? We’re still not sure — but we know it wasn’t a hidden pregnancy announcement despite what fans wished.

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