‘Little People, Big World’: Do Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Want As Many Kids as the Duggars?

It’s hard to believe we’ve been keeping up with the Roloff family for 18 entire seasons, and the 19th season of Little People, Big World is already airing, too. We’ve seen everything from the beginning of Matt and Amy Roloff’s stint on television with their four children to the most current happenings with their divorce. And a lot has occurred for the Roloff kids over the years as well. While all four of Matt and Amy’s children started off on TV, most of them — including Jeremy — have decided to step away from the cameras and pursue their own endeavors.

Jeremy and his wife, Audrey, may not be on TV anymore, but they still have a strong following on social media and share their life via their podcast. And now that they have a daughter and have vowed to live a Christian life, their fans are wondering if they plan on having a number of kids like the Duggar family. Here’s what we know.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff currently have one daughter, Ember

Fans are ultra excited that the Roloff kids have started having families of their own. And while we’ll get to see plenty of Zach Roloff’s son, Jackson, on the new season of the show, we’re also getting lots of updates of baby Ember thanks to Jeremy and Audrey’s social media. Good Housekeeping reminds us Jeremy and Audrey celebrated Ember’s first birthday back in September 2018, and all of the Roloff family members were in attendance.

Fans also know that birth was a particularly difficult ordeal for Audrey. She explained on her blog that she was 10 days past her due date before she was feeling any signs of labor. By the time she was in labor, she also chose a natural birth, which she noted was one of the most intense experiences she ever had in her entire life. She successfully delivered Ember but then needed a shot in her leg to stop excessive bleeding, too, which Audrey warns is common for redheads. But it was all worth it in the end for their “absolutely beautiful miracle,” as Audrey calls her.

The happy couple said they want many children

While Audrey’s birth story sounded scary and painful, it surely wasn’t enough to deter her from wanting to have more children. In Touch Weekly notes they recently caught up with Jeremy and Audrey while the couple promoted their new book, A Love Letter Life. And Jeremy told the publication, “We’d like to have more kids.” Audrey agreed and added, “We definitely want to have more kids. We’ll take them one at a time, but we are totally on board. Lord willing. We don’t want to put a number on it. But we’ll take them one at a time.”

In Touch then added that both Audrey and Jeremy come from good-sized families and are also willing to have larger families of their own. Since the Roloffs are quite familiar with the Duggars, the infamous Christian fundamentalist family with 19 children, it seems everyone’s wondering if the 19 Kids and Counting family is rubbing off on Jeremy and Audrey at all. The couple assured In Touch, however, that a “big family” to them meant far less than 19 kids. As Jeremy said, “I would call five a big family.” And Audrey added, “I mean Jeremy is one of four. I’m one of three.”

Audrey may be closer with the Duggars than many suspect

It’s highly doubtful Jeremy and Audrey will have 19 children like the Duggar family, but it seems they may be closer to the Duggars than many think. Audrey and Jeremy abide by ultra-Christian values and have a covenant marriage as well as a blog helping other couples be more Christ-like in their relationship. We know the Duggar family traditions are also heavily steeped in Christianity as well. Not only that, but we can’t forget that Jinger Duggar mentioned Audrey and Jeremy’s business, Beating 50 Percent, in a recent Instagram post.

Audrey isn’t the only Roloff family member who keeps up with the Duggars, either. Tori Roloff has been caught commenting on Jinger and Jessa Duggars’ Instagrams in the past, proving the Roloffs and the Duggar ladies may hang out in person way more than we think. Tori even commented on Jinger’s latest big news that she and husband Jeremy are moving to Los Angeles. “Super excited for your sweet little family! Welcome to the West coast!” Good Housekeeping notes Tori commented on Jinger’s Instagram.

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