‘Little People, Big World’: Fans Are Reacting to Audrey Roloff’s Comment on Tori Roloff’s Pregnancy Announcement

The Roloff family has graced our TV screens for 14 years, and this season of Little People, Big World certainly hasn’t disappointed yet. A lot has changed for Matt and Amy Roloff over the years, as they started the show as a happily married little couple and are now divorced and doing their best to move forward. They’re not the only couple on the show in the spotlight, either. Their son, Zach, and Zach’s wife, Tori, are also making headlines since Tori announced her pregnancy via Instagram.

Zach’s twin brother, Jeremy, and Jeremy’s wife, Audrey are no longer on the show — but they’re certainly excited about Tori’s news. Audrey has even taken to Instagram to comment on Tori’s Instagram post, and fans have a lot to say in response.

Tori Roloff just announced she’s pregnant with baby No. 2

Tori and Zach already have their adorable 2-year-old son, Jackson, but they’ve certainly talked about family expansion in the past. Even more recently on the show (and before Tori announced her second pregnancy), she and Zach discussed her incoming “baby fever” — and Zach seemed all for having more babies, too.

Now, the moment fans have been waiting for is finally here. “Zachary and I are so excited to announce that Jackson is going to be a big brother! We are expecting a sweet baby girl this November!” she posted to Instagram — and she’s gotten nothing but positive feedback since the announcement a week ago. Matt and Amy Roloff both commented their congratulations on the post, and many other friends of the family — like the Busbys from TLC’s Outdaughtered — have also expressed their excitement.

Audrey commented on Tori’s Instagram post, and fans have a lot to say

Audrey Roloff is amongst the excited folks commenting on Tori’s post. We can’t forget that Audrey and Jeremy have a daughter, Ember, who’s right around baby Jackson’s age. Audrey commented, “Wahoooooo CANT WAIT FOR THE GIRLSIES TO HANGGGGG. I’m so happy for you Tori!” She added plenty of heart-eyed smiling faces and heart emojis, too.

Fans noticed Audrey commented on Tori’s post, too. As one fan said in response, “@audreyroloff now u guys need a baby boy.” And another asked, “@audreyroloff are we going to make this a double pregnancy again.” Yet another fan mentioned, “are you having another baby too if so congratulations.”

Is Audrey trying to steal the limelight from Tori?

Audrey most certainly has Tori’s phone number, so why write on her Instagram page for all to see? Is it really just to congratulate Tori on her pregnancy, or was Audrey looking for fans to make additional comments and speculation regarding another pregnancy of her own?

Audrey’s comment got people talking, and she and Jeremy have mentioned in the past that they hope to expand their family as well. “We definitely want to have more kids. We’ll take them one at a time, but we are totally on board. Lord willing. We don’t want to put a number on it. But we’ll take them one at a time,” she told In Touch Weekly not long ago. Unfortunately, causing fan speculation on Tori’s post may rub fans the wrong way. Audrey has faced harsh criticism in the past for her comments she’s made about motherhood and for being “obnoxious.” As one Reddit user said, “She is SO dense. I used to follow her up until Ember was born and then I just couldn’t deal with her preaching anymore.”

We’re sure Audrey is happy for Tori and Zach and isn’t attempting to steal Tori’s thunder purposely, of course — but that may not sway fans who already dislike her. We’ll have to see what else occurs as Tori gets further along in her pregnancy.

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