‘Little People, Big World’ Fans Are Telling Amy Roloff to Stand Up to Matt on This Instagram Post

Fans are ecstatic that Little People, Big World is finally back, and that’s especially true due to the drama we all got a glimpse of in the trailer. On the current season, we can expect to see plenty of Zach and Tori Roloff as well as updates on baby Jackson. And it looks like we’re also going to get plenty of insight into Matt and Amy Roloff’s relationships as they progress. We know the little couple are now divorced, but they both seem to be happily dating their significant others and perhaps even looking into remarrying (at least, that’s what fans hope for).

After the airing of the first episode, it seems some fans are concerned for Amy, however. Here’s why they’re coming to her defense on Instagram and telling her to stand up for herself to ex-husband Matt.

Video footage shows the Roloffs considering selling their farm property

Fans have watched the Roloffs make plenty of memories on Roloff Farms over the years, but those days may be numbered. PopCulture notes in a clip from the new season, Zach and Amy can be seen cleaning out the farm — and they reflect on the possibility of selling the property. As Zach tells the camera, “It’s going to be a sad, sad day if we sell the farm, but also it’s been a great thing for the last, you know — just because it goes away doesn’t mean that negates all the greatness we had with it.” Amy also reflected on how she feels about the farm currently. “If the farm does go away, I would be sad,” she added.

It seems there’s been conflict over what to do with the farm ever since Matt and Amy divorced. While the two worked well side by side in the past, there’s been a ton of strain on their family business with the split. Perhaps it’s best (and less stress) for the entire Roloff bunch to do away with the property altogether.

Matt seemed to shame Amy for her indecisiveness

Not only did Zach and Amy discuss the fate of the farm, but on the premiere episode, Matt and Amy also talked about what they should do with it. The Hollywood Gossip reminds us Matt told the camera during the episode, “Several months ago I asked Amy what she wants to do with the farm. One of my frustrations is, you know, she’s reluctant to make decisions often.”

Matt’s frustrations clearly didn’t end there, either. While the two have kept their divorce super civil for the sake of the cameras and their kids, Matt and Amy argued over the fate of the farm during the episode. As Amy told him, “I’m just confused this whole major decision is on me.” And Matt added, “I just want to see motion. It doesn’t have to be one big wrestling match.” At the end of the argument, Amy walked away from Matt and concluded that he wasn’t going to agree with any decision she wanted to make. As for her own opinions on selling the farm, she definitely needs some more time to work it out. “I think that the fame and the kids are what have held me here … I do have to make some sort of decision soon because if not I’ll feel like I’m always in limbo still,” she said.

Fans took to Instagram to support Amy in standing up to Matt’s pushiness

Amy definitely seems to be feeling more conflict regarding the fate of the farm than Matt. And when Amy promoted the new season of LPBW on Instagram, fans flocked to show support for her standing her ground against her pushy ex-husband. As one of her followers commented, “It’s your farm Amy. Yours and Matt’s and YOUR kids. Dont be pushed out. Either way perhaps the final decision has already been made. Just do you and be happy.” And another added, “I hope you will stand your ground and not let Matt push you out or push you into making decisions before you’re ready. He’s very impulsive and you are much more thoughtful and organized.”

We’ll have to wait and see what the fate of Roloff Farms will be. Either way, fans are hoping Amy takes as much time as she needs to make her own decision.

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