‘Little People, Big World’ Fans Are Upset Over Audrey Roloff Promoting Holistic Health Products on Instagram

The latest season of Little People, Big World may be over, but there’s no doubt fans are still interested in what the Roloffs are up to now. And while the main focus has been on Matt and Amy Roloff, we can’t forget about the other members of the family who aren’t regulars on the show anymore. Jeremy Roloff and his wife, Audrey, chose to leave the reality TV spotlight behind in order to pursue a family and new careers of their own — and they have a serious Instagram following from fans who really love their way of life.

Unfortunately, Audrey has missed the mark with her fan base in the past — and her recent Instagram post about essential oils also has some fans concerned. Here’s what happened.

Audrey Roloff is one of the more controversial members of the Roloff family

Fans of LPBW adore the Roloffs, but even the most wholesome family can spark controversy. Audrey Roloff was featured along with husband Jeremy on the show in the past, though the two have parted ways with production to pursue their other creative endeavors. Now, the couple has a daughter and another baby on the way, and they have a book together that’s all about how they make their covenant marriage work.

Audrey and Jeremy certainly mean well, but their ultra-religious advice and other comments they’ve made have raised some eyebrows in the past. Audrey once called baby formula a “sin” after she struggled to breastfeed her daughter, which had plenty of viewers upset. Not only that, but she also said that her breastfeeding difficulties “robbed” her of precious time with her daughter. “Audrey you weren’t ‘robbed’ of anything. … I hope you are learning and growing from this. You are not a victim, you are simply a mother,” one Twitter user wrote of her complaints.

She has her own wellness account and recently discussed the benefits of oils

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I don’t talk about this too much on here, but after this past week I can’t NOT share…⁣ ⁣ Obviously y’all know I love the oils (or potions as Jer calls them) but this post is about so much MORE than essential oils. Seriously. Keep reading⁣ ⁣ About 3 years ago when I found out I was pregnant with Ember, I starting paying way more attention to what was in the products I was consuming, cleaning with, and lathering on my body. I’ve always been pretty crunchy (Oregon girl here‍♀️) but growing a human inside me made me want to be even more intentional about my health and welllness⁣ ⁣ I’ll be honest, in the beginning I was a little overwhelmed by it all The amount of oils, how to use them, when and where to use them etc. but once I grabbed my starter kit and got plugged into our teams Facebook groups I started to feel more equipped, educated, and confident. We ditched all our toxic cleaning chemicals & personal care products and switched to safe non-toxic YL alternatives After using oils throughout my pregnancy, labor, and postpartumI couldn’t imagine moms going through all that craziness without them!!! All my former skepticisms had been dismantled, and I started sharing about my journey on @morethanoils ⁣ ⁣ These photos are just a small representation of our growing community. Now, I have a team of thousands of like-minded women who are giving more to their bodies so their bodies can give more. Women who are helping each other live more intentionally while chasing their dreams. Women who are bringing hope to a hurting world. Women who feel so much less alone. And women who are experiencing FREEDOM My team is a beautiful representation of how we rise by lifting others. I’ve built friendships with some of the most compassionate, generous, honest, kind, and creative women⁣ ⁣ Something I said I would NEVER in a million years do, has become one of the biggest blessings and best decisions of my life. It’s become so much MORE than I’ve ever imagined #morethanoils I only wish I would have started this journey sooner If you’re still reading thisand want to know more, dm over on my @morethanoils I want you to be a part of this

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While Audrey has plenty to say on motherhood and marriage advice, it seems she’s also diving into holistic health. She has her own Instagram devoted to her love of essential oils, and she hopes she can spread the love with her followers, too. More recently, on her main Instagram account, she’s been talking more than ever about the benefits of oils, especially during pregnancy.

On this post, she discussed how she started paying more attention to toxic products she may have been using in everyday life during her pregnancy with her daughter, Ember. “We ditched all our toxic cleaning chemicals & personal care products and switched to safe non-toxic YL alternatives,” she wrote. “After using oils throughout my pregnancy, labor, and postpartum, I couldn’t imagine moms going through all that craziness without them!!! All my former skepticisms had been dismantled, and I started sharing about my journey on @morethanoils.”

Some of her fans are up in arms with what she’s posting

There’s no doubt Audrey has a lot of fan support, and plenty of women out there find essential oils beneficial. Unfortunately, many others took to her Instagram post to tell her that she should be careful with what she’s promoting, as oils are not a cure-all.

“I’ve already seen someone in the comments mention oils preventing or curing cancer. That is what scares me. I’m a nurse and I have seen parents not get their children needed antibiotics because oils would cure them,” one concerned follower wrote. They continued, “No judgment here but please I beg you to include the disclaimer that if someone has a real medical issue they need to seek real medical help.” Another added, “Too bad YL oils are complete garbage and bad for you.” Others called the oils “unaffordable” for the average family.

Another one of Audrey’s followers took issue with the company she’s promoting. “It is one thing to promote your experience using essentials oils (without making health claims that have not been proven), but to the extent you are promoting this business model, I’d ask that you reconsider and/or warn your followers of these pitfalls,” they wrote.

Even with the critique, it seemed many others appreciated Audrey’s wellness post. And we doubt she’ll stop promoting her oils any time soon.

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