‘Little People, Big World’: Fans Are Warning Amy Roloff That Boyfriend Chris Marek Is Trouble

There are plenty of reality TV star families, but few strike us to be as genuine as the Roloffs. Amy and Matt Roloff first gave us a glimpse into their lives years ago when Little People, Big World first began. Not only did audiences learn how they navigated life as a couple with dwarfism, but we also became incredibly attached to their whole family and farm.

Nowadays, a lot has changed for the Roloffs. Matt and Amy are divorced, and they’re both in serious relationships that look like they could result in marriage. Unfortunately for Amy, fans were left with a bad taste after her boyfriend’s behavior in a recent episode of the show. Here’s why viewers are troubled.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek are nearing their 3-year anniversary

It’s hard to believe that Amy Roloff has been dating Chris Marek for almost three years, but it’s really been that long. We remember when Amy stated she’d likely never date again after her divorce, but everything changed once she met Chris. One of their first dates involved her taking a motorcycle ride with him, and that’s when she really started to fall for him, too. Since then, they’ve had a whirlwind romance that fans have loved watching for years.

It seems like they may be considering taking their relationship to the next level, too. Recently, Chris and Amy were out camping with friends when the topic of marriage came up. Amy admitted she’d be absolutely elated to tie the knot with Chris, though she doesn’t want to push him. And to her surprise, Chris also mentioned that marriage has been on his mind, too. “But I’m certainly not against marriage — I never thought I’d be this age and still single,” he said.

Chris got angry with Amy recently for a seemingly small reason

There are plenty of Amy and Chris fans out there, but many were concerned when Chris got angry with Amy on a recent episode of Little People, Big World. Amy was out with friends and forgot to leave a key for Chris to get into the vacation home upon his arrival. So, when Chris got there, Amy wasn’t home — and there was no way for him to get into the house, either. “I get there and no one’s home … no keys, the doors are locked, and I ended up going and finding a place and eating lunch alone and waiting for everybody to come back,” Chris said to the camera.

Amy then noted that when she returned to the house, she contacted Chris to tell him to come back — and “he was not happy.” Chris then expressed how upset he was that Amy wasn’t home when he got there since she knew what time he was getting in. “I messed up,” Amy told the camera. “I felt bad about that.”

Fans took to Instagram to share their real thoughts on Chris

Amy clearly didn’t mean to make Chris upset — and fans showed their support for her on Instagram. As one Instagram user commented, “Run….fast! If Chris got that upset and pouted like a 3yr old over a simple mistake…not good!” And another added, “Amy, you can do better than Chris. Alone would be better than having to gravel and beg for his mercy because you were late.” Yet another took to Instagram to warn Amy that Chris is “moody” and has a “temper.”

Will there be more trouble down the line for Chris or Amy, or can they put this behind them and move forward toward the wedding bells? We’ll have to wait and see how their relationship progresses on the show, but one thing’s for sure: Fans want Chris to go easy on Amy given all the stress she’s been through with ex-husband Matt.

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