‘Little People, Big World’: Fans Are Worried Audrey Roloff Is Looking Way Too Thin

The end of the current season of Little People, Big World is fast approaching, and fans can’t get enough of the Roloff family. While Matt and Amy Roloff have their quarrels over what to do with Roloff Farms, Zach and Tori just announced their exciting pregnancy news. And though Jeremy Roloff, Zach’s twin, and Jeremy’s wife, Audrey, are no longer a part of the show, they’re still making appearances on the program here and there, too.

Jeremy and Audrey are a controversial duo, as their ultra-Christian views and new book, A Love Letter Life has been met with a ton of praise and criticism. But now it seems fans are fixated on Audrey’s appearance. It seems many think she’s looking thinner than usual.

Audrey Roloff has mentioned having disordered eating in the past

We know Audrey Roloff best for her relationship and covenant marriage with Jeremy. And while she may no longer be on Little People, Big World full time, she’s still staying in the public eye with a strong social media presence, her book with Jeremy, and her Always More brand. And Audrey has maintained her following thanks to her ability to get candid with her fans. On her Auj Poj website, she explains where the phrase “Always More” comes from and how it’s helped her get through some seriously dark moments in her life.

She doesn’t just get candid on her website, either. Back in 2016, she posted to Facebook that she was teaming up with the mental health organization Bring Change to Mind. “I’m partnering with @bringchange2mind to help bring awareness to mental disorders and those fighting them all around the world,” she wrote. And she also added, “I have never been diagnosed with a mental disorder, but I have struggled with depressed thoughts, and eating disorder tendencies, during a particular season of my life.”

Jeremy Roloff has also changed up his diet, which could affect Audrey

With her background in cross-country running, which certainly helped her keep her thin physique, as well as her “eating disorder tendencies” of the past, fans may wonder how Audrey is doing now. And it’s also interesting to note that Jeremy has been changing up his eating habits over the years. People reported in 2018 that Jeremy was giving intermittent fasting a try, which he says made him feel “more free and in control.”

At the time of the interview, Jeremy had been practicing this restrictive eating for 18 months — and he saw amazing results for himself. “I went from slave to master and this began manifesting elsewhere. The morning snooze button no longer had it’s spell on me. Having a consistent morning reading rhythm no longer seemed daunting, but rather exciting,” he said.

As for Audrey, we’re not sure if she also practices intermittent fasting. But for someone who may have a history of disordered eating patterns, self-imposed restrictions may not be for the best. Center for Discovery notes fasting of any kind should be completely avoided for those who are potentially at risk for disordered eating.

Fans think she’s looking thinner than ever these days

Audrey clearly has a naturally thin physique, but fans are growing concerned that she’s looking thinner than ever, especially when it comes to this Instagram post. As one Reddit user wrote, “Audrey just keeps getting skinnier and skinnier. I believe she has a history of eating disorders and I wonder if she’s struggling again.” And another added, “I’ve noticed it too. She has always been thin and in shape, but she looks gangley [sic] and her face looks gaunt.”

Others aren’t so sure there’s anything to be worried about, however, especially when it comes to this particular Instagram photo. “I think it’s the way she’s standing, tbh,” one Reddit user commented. Another said, “When you stand that way, it creates thigh gap. I’m naturally really skinny, even after two kids. When I’m standing straight like Jeremy, my thighs touch. If I were to stand like Audrey, boom, thigh gap.” We’re hoping Audrey is as happy and healthy as she says she is on Instagram!

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