‘Little People, Big World’ Fans Find Jeremy and Audrey Roloff’s Love Story Totally Unrelatable

Fans have been watching the Roloffs on Little People, Big World for 14 years, and a lot has changed since the beginning. While the show now focuses on Matt and Amy Roloff’s drama with the family farm as well as Zach Roloff’s storyline with his wife and son, many fans are missing the other members of the family who have since decided to leave the show. And Jeremy Roloff, Zach’s twin, as well as Jeremy’s wife, Audrey, are amongst the ones who are missed.

Jeremy and Audrey decided to leave the TV spotlight to pursue their own endeavors, and they’ve been making a splash with their covenant marriage website and book, A Love Letter Life. While it seems like they have everything together, many fans are finding them totally unrelatable as a couple. Here’s why.

Audrey Roloff is constantly posting about her incredible marriage with husband Jeremy Roloff

Those who follow Audrey on Instagram know she’s madly in love with Jeremy. They have quite the love story as well. After being set up on a blind date by a college friend, Jeremy had a crush on Audrey — but Audrey was resistant to getting into a relationship. After much wooing on Jeremy’s part, the two finally started dating after several years of friendship, and they were able to make long distance work for quite a while before they could move together.

While Audrey has written about the difficulties she was having when their relationship was young, it seems like the two are more in love than ever now. Audrey’s Instagram is littered with adorable photos of her and Jeremy, and she’s always posting tidbits of marriage advice with each photo, too. From their weekly check-ins with each other to how they incorporate their religious views and Christ into all aspects of their marriage, Audrey gives the appearance that she has this marriage thing totally figured out.

They recently wrote a book about how to maintain a healthy marriage

Jeremy and Audrey have a lot to say about their marriage even though they tied the knot relatively recently in 2014. The two even wrote a best-selling book, A Love Letter Life, that explains their love story and gives tons of advice for their readers on how they can find the spouse of their dreams.

Audrey recently posted on Instagram about her book with the caption, “For yearssss, Jeremy and I labored, prayed, stressed, cried, didn’t sleep, and ate to much Chick-Fil-A while we poured our hearts into this book. We deeply desired for it to become a resource that would impact, inspire, and ignite a generation of love stories that are creative, intentional, and faithful.” She also added, that she thinks her and Jeremy’s love story, “with all its imperfections, vulnerabilities, and failures, will awaken your desire to pursue a love that reflects the thoughtfulness, intention, patience, beauty and timelessness of a love letter.”

Many fans feel they can’t relate

There are many positive comments on Audrey’s Instagram regarding the love story she details in her books — but many others feel that Audrey and Jeremy’s marriage is way too immature. With a marriage so young, many feel that they haven’t truly experienced the hardships that come with decades of marriage.

As one fan wrote, “While I appreciate your intuitive thoughts it doesn’t seem like you have a true grasp or awareness yet of an aging but always love filled 21 year marriage and with that I find it difficult to relate on a serious level [sic].” And another added, “I think it’s hard to see the overly loving and adorable and madly-in-Love photos day in and day out from you both. They come non stop as though that marriage life is non stop.” The same commenter then added that Jeremy and Audrey will experience moments of heartache, loneliness, and arguments, too, and that “it’s ok when it doesn’t look like a filtered photo.” Others also mentioned it’s difficult to see Jeremy and Audrey’s seemingly perfect life through the lens of Instagram, as it makes them feel inadequate.

There’s no doubt Jeremy and Audrey go through difficulties, so perhaps they’ll take this advice to heart and share the “realer” aspects of their marriage.

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