‘Little People, Big World’ Fans Keep Criticizing Amy Roloff for Going on a Trip Amidst Her Mother’s Illness

The most recent season of Little People, Big World recently ended, and we feel more empathy for Amy Roloff than ever before. This past season focused a lot on Amy and Matt’s relationship post-divorce as they navigated what to do with Roloff Farms. In the end, Amy made the tearful decision to sell her half of the property to Matt — and while we’re not sure what Amy’s next plan will be, it looks like things are getting quite serious with her boyfriend, Chris Marek. Fans are even hoping there will be wedding bells ringing in the future.

For now, Amy’s been posting a lot less about the farm and a lot more about her mother’s ailing health. And she also recently posted about a trip she’s taking with Chris. Unfortunately, her fans think she should be spending more time with her mother than with her boyfriend.

Amy’s been posting a lot about her mother’s health recently

We don’t often hear too much about Amy Roloff’s parents, but she’ll occasionally post about them on her Instagram. They live in Michigan, the state Amy grew up in, and the LPBW star seems to have quite a close relationship with them. Unfortunately, we’ve been hearing a lot more about Amy’s mom in recent weeks due to her ailing health.

Amy posted to her Instagram about her 86-year-old mother in early June and added the caption, “From Souix Falls SD to Going ‘home’ to see my parents. My mom isn’t doing so well and I need to see them. Every moment is precious the older I get and the older they get [sic].” And she followed this post up with a photo of her and her father. “After visiting w/ my Mom in the hospital I made dinner for my Dad! He enjoyed it and I loved making it for him. My Mom is doing ok. The coming home and the care she may need is the tough part [sic],” Amy then captioned that post.

Amy’s mom was just fighting a bone infection amongst other health issues

Fans and fellow TLC stars are sending their prayers to Amy in hopes that her mother will get better. And it seems like Amy’s finally getting some good news regarding her mom’s health. She recently posted another photo of her with her parents to Instagram and gave fans some updates.

“I’m so bummed my mom couldn’t come home yet but needs to stay in the hospital a little longer so they can take care of an infection in the bone of her finger still. Her heart is weak but she is doing well considering,” Amy captioned the photo — but she followed this up with some good news. “Just heard from my sister. I guess my Mom is going home after all. Woohoo!” Amy then noted that the infection that was in her mother’s finger is now gone, as they amputated the top of it. “Her heart is hanging in there as well from her first surgery. She’s been through a lot in the last month,” Amy added.

Fans are slamming Amy for leaving her mom for a trip with Chris

Things are hopefully looking up for Amy’s mom. And instead of more updates on her mom’s health, Amy instead recently added an Instagram post showing her road trip to Idaho that she’s taking with boyfriend Chris. “Road trip to Idaho. Going camping and meeting up w/ some of Chris’s family. If you know me I love road trips, Chris and I love it and small towns,” she captioned the post. Unfortunately, many of her fans were shocked that she would leave her mom behind during such a dire time.

“If my mother was ill I would never leave her for a road trip!!! Hopefully you won’t regret it,” one fan commented. And another echoed the thoughts from this comment and wrote, “sorry to say but that was one of my thoughts as well….”

While some may critique Amy, others came to her defense, too. “Amy enjoy your road trip with Chris ….you did what you needed to do as far as visiting your mom and checking on her….now its time for you to relax and have some me time [sic],” one of her fans wrote. We’re hoping Amy gets a chance to unwind with Chris after a seemingly stressful few weeks, too.

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