‘Little People, Big World’: Fans React to Amy Roloff’s Sad Story About Being Bullied

Little People, Big World has been on television for 14 years, and it’s no surprise that a lot has changed for the Roloff family since the beginning. While Matt and Amy Roloff started the show as a happily married couple raising their two kids, they’ve since divorced and are now deciding what to do with the family business, Roloff Farms. Not only that, but Amy and Matt are also both in serious relationships with their newer significant others, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for both of them as things progress.

Things have been looking bright for Amy thanks to her boyfriend, Chris Marek, being around, but she recently recounted a few sad stories from her childhood. Here’s what fans think of her tales of being bullied relentlessly.

Amy Roloff recently revealed her troubled past

It’s not every day that Amy Roloff opens up to the cameras about her past. Good Housekeeping notes in her upcoming autobiography, Little Me, the star explained that she’s known to keep her true feelings inside, which can sometimes cause her to have a harder exterior than she’d like. As she wrote, “I regret building a wall around myself, thinking I could hide from being hurt and protect my emotions and heart, instead of confronting my feelings and expectations head-on.”

It seems Amy’s finally opening up about her past, however — which isn’t something fans often see or hear about on the show. In this clip, Amy talks to her family and her boyfriend, Chris, about how difficult her childhood was for her. And The Hollywood Gossip also revealed she had a number of health issues that plagued her in her youth. Amy discussed having an ulcer that left her sick through her early years of schooling, and being the only little person in her class also made growing up incredibly hard.

She explained to her boyfriend the hardships of bullying that she dealt with growing up

In the clip from TLC, Amy gets ultra-personal regarding the intense bullying she experienced. While sitting down with her brother, Chris, and her son, Zach, Amy reminisced with her brother about growing up together and how difficult it was for her being a little person. “I cried. It was scary,” Amy added while her brother recalled one specific older kid in their neighborhood who would continually make nasty comments to her.

“Thing from your childhood can affect you for the rest of your life, and I know it’s affected me for a long, long time,” Amy opened up to the cameras. “I know growing up, it was, you know, not good.” In the interview, Amy appeared so affected by the tales of her bullying that she even started crying.

Fans find Amy’s story very relatable

Amy Roloff
Amy Roloff | David Livingston/Getty Images

Fans of the show aren’t always super sympathetic to Amy, as many have taken Matt’s stance in regards to what should be done with Roloff Farms. But it seems in the case of her bullying story, fans are reaching out to say they understand how she feels. In the comments section of the TLC clip, one fan mentioned, “Sad that she went through such a horrible experience. I’m glad God has blessed her. She seems to be happy and successful. You go Amy!” And another added, “Amy so sorry you got bullied like that as a kid. I was also bullied but not to the length you were. No one deserves that. You are a beautiful woman. God bless you.”

As per usual, not every fan felt sorry for Amy, though. Some commented on the video that bullying is just a part of life, and others even took a stab at her boyfriend, as they claim he’s just acting sweet to her for the fame of the show. Either way, it’s nice to see Amy show her vulnerable side every once in awhile, and we’re hoping to hear more about her past in the future.

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