‘Little People, Big World’: Fans Suspect Tori Roloff’s Second Baby Is of Average Size After This Instagram Photo

Another season of Little People, Big World has just ended, and fans can’t believe everything that went down between Matt and Amy Roloff. The ex-couple kept the fate of Roloff Farms at the forefront of each episode, and we can’t believe Amy accepted Matt’s buyout of the farm after all was said and done. Despite the shocking ending, Matt and Amy aren’t the only folks on the show that fans love to keep up with. There’s also Zach Roloff and his pregnant wife, Tori, who’ve become fan favorites over the years.

Zach and Tori are expecting a daughter this coming November, and fans are ecstatic for their son, Jackson, to have a younger sibling to play with. Many are also wondering if Tori’s second child will have a form of dwarfism like Jackson does — and it seems one of her comments on Instagram is making fans think her daughter will be of average size.

Tori Roloff just thanked her Instagram followers for sticking with her

Tori is one of the most down-to-earth reality stars on TLC, and fans absolutely adore hearing her personal updates about her family via her Instagram. She’s consistently candid with her followers about what it’s like raising a child with dwarfism, and we can’t wait to hear more updates about her current pregnancy, too. Most recently, she added a photo of her growing baby bump with a thankful message to her Instagram followers.

“One. Million. Followers. What in the world? You guys. This is honestly such an honor. It has been such a fun ride sharing just a little part of my life with all of you,” she captioned her post. And while Tori added that sharing her life via social media can sometimes be “scary,” she intends to keep her Instagram “uplifting and fun and I hope you guys feel that.” Her followers adored what she shared as well — and they showed a lot of love for the pregnancy photo, too. “You seem so genuine, THAT is why 1 million follow and love you and your little family,” one user commented.

One of her comments on the caption has fans questioning if her baby is of average size

Not only did Tori thank her million followers, but she made another comment in her caption that had many wondering about her baby. “Also- belly why you gotta grow so fast the second time around?” she added.

Fans know her 2-year-old son, Jackson, has achondroplasia, which is the same type of dwarfism Zach has. And all of Zach and Tori’s children have a 50% chance of developing dwarfism due to Zach having the gene and Tori being of average size. Many wondered if Tori’s faster-growing baby bump was a sign that her second child doesn’t have dwarfism. As one of her followers mentioned, “Is it possible that your daughter is average size?”

Many of Tori’s other followers were quick to dispel the idea that her baby bump would give her any indication of whether her child has dwarfism, however. ” Jackson was a large baby. Most women find they show quicker the second and subsequent times than they did with the first,” a follower added. And yet another commented, “nope, they won’t truly know until later in probably 3rd trimester when they measure the baby’s limbs and head size and then measure again a few weeks after to see if the rate of growth is that of an ‘average sized’ baby or not.”

Does Tori Roloff know if her second child has dwarfism yet?

We suspect Tori is around four months pregnant if her due date is in November — so does she know if her child has a form of dwarfism yet or not? Given what she’s said in the past, it’s unlikely she has any indication yet. Tori’s stated in the past that she was able to confirm Jackson’s dwarfism when she was 34 weeks pregnant. We’re sure when Tori knows, however, she’ll share the information with her adoring fans when she’s ready.

Tori has mentioned her second pregnancy is a lot more difficult than her first, however. Not only did she mention it took her eight months to get pregnant, but she now has “all the symptoms” of pregnancy she never had before. We can’t wait to hear more about the little one she’ll be welcoming into the world later this year — and hopefully, another season of Little People, Big World is in the works so we can see it unfold on camera, too.

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