‘Little People, Big World’: Fans Think Amy Roloff and Chris Marek Are Moving Way Too Fast

It’s hard to believe we’ve been watching the Roloff family for over a decade on Little People, Big World, but we know a ton has changed for the family since the beginning. While Matt and Amy Roloff started the show as a happily married couple, they’ve since decided to divorce and begin new relationships. They’re still linked via their four children and Roloff Farms, of course, but both Matt and Amy seem to be getting super serious with their significant others. And fans are starting to think marriage could be on the horizon for Amy.

Amy’s dating Chris Marek, and we see many of their interactions on the show. Unfortunately, not everyone approves of Chris — and some suspect she might be moving way too fast.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek might hear wedding bells in their future

Amy’s divorce from Matt hit her hard, and she even mentioned in the past that she never envisioned herself dating again. That all changed after she met Chris, of course. The producers of Little People, Big World wanted to see Amy give dating another chance. And after she met Chris at a singles mixer event and went on a motorcycle-riding date with him, she knew she wanted to continue to see where things could go.

Now, years later, Chris and Amy are considering making big commitments. On a recent LPBW clip, People reports the happy couple was camping with friends when the topic of marriage came up. “I mean, I saw a lot of examples of people that loved each other but could not live with each other. But I’m certainly not against marriage — I never thought I’d be this age and still single,” Chris said. And to that, Amy was ecstatic. “But if marriage is meant to happen for me again, the second time, then I would sing ‘Hallelujah,'” she added.

Not everyone thinks Chris is around for the right reasons, however

Amy seems ultra happy with Chris, and the other Roloff family members seem to have accepted him into the family, too. Unfortunately, not every fan of the show is on Amy’s side. Many appear concerned that Chris may be using Amy for fame, however. On a recent photo she added to Instagram of her and Chris going for a motorcycle ride, one fan commented, “‘Living your best life’ the cool saying now. I hope he’s not using her.”

Others think Chris may be controlling and short-tempered. On one recent episode of the show, Chris arrived at Amy’s vacation home and Amy was late to meet him. Chris appeared to be extremely upset with Amy over it, and she mentioned she felt extremely bad about not being there. Fans seemed to be on Amy’s side, however — and they warned her on Instagram that her boyfriend may not be as kind as he first appears. “I’m not normally negative but after the video of him when you were late. I’m concerned for your safety,” one fan commented on the recent photo of Chris and Amy on the motorcycle.

Some suspect Amy is moving on too fast without dealing with her own issues

Amy Roloff
Amy Roloff | David Livingston/Getty Images

Dealing with the Roloff Farm drama this season has brought out a lot of truths for Amy. She’s shared why she still cares about the farm — and it’s because, after the divorce, she found the idea of living by herself “a little scary, it’s a little intimidating because I’ve never really been on my own before.” After sharing this sentiment, fans are wondering if she’s rushing too deep into her relationship with Chris while not dealing with her other issues.

As another fan commented on the recent motorcycle Instagram post, “What bothers me is that she’s never been alone and is now jumped into another relationship. Amy admits on the show last week she’s afraid. Chris has made no effort to guide her or even encourage her in anyway [sic].”

We’ll have to wait and see what Amy ultimately decides to do with Roloff Farms and if her decision impacts her current relationship at all. Either way, it seems like Amy is growing as a person and doing her best to make the right decisions for her.

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