‘Little People, Big World’: Fans Think Audrey Roloff Is Going Against Her Religion With This Instagram Post

They may no longer be part of Little People, Big World, but Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are still very much in the spotlight. The two announced they were leaving the show years ago to pursue their other endeavors, and they’ve attained quite a following through Instagram and their many businesses. Most recently, they even wrote a book about their marriage titled A Love Letter Life, and they’ve been busily promoting it while caring for their toddler daughter, Ember.

Jeremy and Audrey live a very religious life as well. Unfortunately, it seems Audrey may have missed the mark with some of her Christian fans on one recent Instagram post.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have made it known that they’re devout Christians

Audrey and Jeremy are incredibly religious, and they’ve said before that they do everything in the name of God. The two have a covenant marriage and promote such a way of life for anyone who hopes to avoid divorce. They even have their own blog and business, titled Beating 50 Percent, to help others find God in their relationship to make their marriage last.

Audrey is incredibly vocal about her beliefs, and she even wrote a very personal blog post that included details on how she and Jeremy read their very holy vows to each other while getting intimate on their honeymoon. For those who follow her on Instagram, they also hear her discuss her Christian faith there as well. She recently posted a photo of her and Jeremy kissing while adding a caption about how she “braids” God into their relationship.

Audrey Roloff recently talked about a personality test on her Instagram

She may be a devout follower of Christ, but that doesn’t stop Audrey from also following personality tests. She posted a photo of her and Jeremy by a campfire to Instagram and included a lot of information about their Enneagram types. “In this journey of learning and understanding each other more, there have been two things that have radically transformed our relationship: 1)The Enneagram 2) The Marriage Journal™️⁣,” she captioned the post. The Marriage Journal is a product Jeremy and Audrey made together that has helped keep their marriage strong, but the Enneagram is like a more in-depth Myers-Briggs Type Indicator that includes nine different personality types.

“When it comes to the Enneagram specifically, I am an Enneagram 8 -The Challenger,” Audrey notes. She then added that Jeremy’s “an Enneagram 9 – The Peacemaker,” and together, they’re like “fire and ice” and create the perfect combination of intensity and softness.

Fans are accusing her of going against her religion for following the test

We’ve heard Jeremy and Audrey discuss their Enneagram types in the past but not all of their followers are happy about this. It appears some think following a personality test is going against God. “The enneagram has deep and dark roots in the occult…it was literally hand delivered by a demon to a man heavily involved in channeling,” one of her followers commented on the Instagram post. “This is not something Christians should at all be involved with and yet it’s taken storm. Be careful what you let in, we’re told to TEST every spirit to see if it’s from God.”

Others also posted similar thoughts. “Be very cautious on the enneagram following, is it from God? Research it fully would be my recommendation,” another added. And yet another one of Audrey’s followers noted her connection with the Enneagram may cause her to connect with the “wrong spirits.” As they said, “God told me ‘NO!’ about the enneagram when I researched it. Years ago, I was big into yoga and did that instead of going to church because I felt so spiritually connected.”

Will any of these comments sway Audrey away from the personality test she loves most? We don’t think so.

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