‘Little People, Big World’ Fans Want Amy Roloff to Stop Talking About Matt Roloff’s Girlfriend, Caryn Chandler

Divorce is difficult for any couple — and fans certainly didn’t see the separation of Matt and Amy Roloff coming. The stars of Little People, Big World are known for chronicling their lives as parents and business people of Roloff Farms while also living with dwarfism. And while fans love keeping up with the Roloff family to this day, it’s becoming more difficult to see all of them in the same location, as the kids are all grown and Matt and Amy are totally done with each other.

Both Matt and Amy have moved on with new relationships, but it seems Amy has a particularly difficult time with Matt’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler. Here’s why fans are urging Amy to move past all of it.

Matt’s relationship with his girlfriend makes Amy very uncomfortable

Matt and Amy were married for nearly 30 years before calling it quits — and Amy never anticipated that Matt would begin dating one of the employees of their farm. CafeMom reminds us Caryn Chandler was a long-term worker on the farm and helped immensely with managerial duties. As Matt said on an episode of LPBW, “Caryn is instrumental in running pumpkin season, she’s run it for 10 years. … I enjoy her immensely. Whether we’re working or whether we’re relaxing, we have a great time together.” By 2017, Matt and Caryn were taking their relationship public online.

Amy has stated before that she’s not a huge fan of the relationship, however. Since Matt and Caryn are still working on Roloff Farms with Amy, it also makes everything more difficult for the star. “Matt’s worked with her for many many years. So that will always hurt to some degree. But it is something that I will have to be an adult about — doesn’t mean I have to accept it,” Radar Online notes Amy mentioned on the show. And In Touch Weekly notes Amy has even gone so far as to call the relationship between Matt and Amy “unhealthy” to have in her presence.

Fans think Amy could just be jealous of Caryn

Amy garnered sympathy at first when it came to her feelings regarding Caryn — but some fans have quickly changed their tune. The star’s feelings regarding Matt’s new relationship have come up quite frequently on LPBW. And while we’re certain seeing Matt and Caryn is tough for Amy to digest, fans think there could be some jealousy on her end.

As one insider noted to Radar Online, Matt’s quick decision to date Caryn just months after his divorce was finalized was a huge blow to Amy. “The way he’s treating Caryn is nothing like how he treated her during their marriage. It was like a blow to the chest,” they said. Not only that, but In Touch Weekly notes fans think Amy could be jealous of Caryn’s seemingly close relationship with the Roloff kids and grandchildren. As Amy mentioned in an episode, “Seeing her with Jackson… it’s difficult. These are my kids and my grandbabies. It’s definitely been the hardest thing to watch.”

They urge her to stop talking about Caryn because of her own relationship

Amy likely feels the need to air her grievances aloud due to the inner turmoil she’s felt over the end of her marriage — but fans think it’s time that the star focuses on her own boyfriend, Chris Marek. Chris and Amy have been dating for over two years and seem like the perfect match. In Touch Weekly reports one fan noted to Twitter, “Amy needs to get over it, she has her boyfriend now.”

Amy has had quite a bit of time to deal with Matt and Caryn’s relationship, so perhaps she’s doing better now. And things seem to be getting ultra-serious with Chris, as engagement rumors are already starting to fly. Perhaps remarrying and having Matt and Caryn move away from the farm is really what it will take for her to get past the uncomfortable situation.

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