‘Little People, Big World’ Fans Were Furious When Audrey Roloff Posted an ‘Inappropriate’ Photo Online

Fans have been keeping up with the stars of Little People, Big World for years, and while a lot has changed for the family since the show began, their viewers remain as loyal as ever. We love hearing about what Matt and Amy are up to next on the farm, of course. And while certain key family members, like Jeremy or Jacob Roloff, are no longer a part of the show, they maintain a strong social media presence so we never have to wonder where they are or what they’re doing.

Jeremy Roloff has become famous (or perhaps infamous) for his marriage to Audrey Roloff. The two have a little girl and seem very happy together, and they’re known for their ultra-religious ways. Unfortunately, it seems Audrey may have taken a misstep with fans when she posted a certain photo to Facebook. Here’s what happened.

Audrey Roloff is in a covenant marriage with Jeremy Roloff

From an outsider’s perspective, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff seem to have a picture-perfect relationship. Good Housekeeping reminds us the two met in 2010, though they didn’t fall in love immediately. While Audrey noted she thought Jeremy was cute when they met, she wasn’t thinking long-term at the time — and Jeremy seemed to agree. Even so, after a few years of long-distance friendship, they gave romance a try — and they fell deeply in love after that. By 2014, they were engaged, and they tied the knot in 2015.

Today, the two have a little girl, Ember — and while they’ve decided to take a step away from Little People, Big World, they still have a mission for the public. Their company, Beating 50 Percent, is all about promoting covenant marriages (like the one they’re in) and providing marriage advice that’s all faith-based. Some fans haven’t been too happy with their preachings, but many others love how Jeremy and Audrey have given their lives to helping others find God in their romance.

She posted a photo to Facebook that seemed to go against her religious ways

Audrey and Jeremy have a heavy Christian following — and many weren’t happy when she posted a photo of herself bathing in a clawfoot bathtub to Facebook. The photo doesn’t show anything too scandalous, of course, and the post was ultimately to promote Audrey’s most recent blog post. Nevertheless, the photo was flooded with comments slamming Audrey for insinuating nudity.

As one of her Facebook followers noted, “These kinds of pictures tell a lot about the way you want to be portrayed. … You are asking for a whole lot of trouble doing this – just saying.” Another commented, “Please don’t start taking pictures like the Kardashians you’re to classy for that!!!” Some others came to Audrey’s defense, though, as the photo surely wasn’t meant to offend. “No, you see bare legs. That’s it . With all that’s going on out there , people are flipping out about this. Wow. I find nothing offensive about this picture at all,” one person commented. And many others told Audrey she shouldn’t listen to any of the negativity.

Fans have also theorized she’s unhappy in her marriage to Jeremy

When you’re a couple in the public eye, scrutiny is to be expected. And many LPBW viewers have noted they don’t think Audrey and Jeremy are as happy as they claim they are on social media. As one Reddit user noted, “Audrey and Jeremy don’t strike me as a happy couple. … Jer and Auj are so…. SERIOUS and just don’t laugh and play with one another. It’s so depressing to watch jeremy now because he used to be a happy person (or so I thought!)” Others seemed to agree with this sentiment — though, of course, Jeremy and Audrey have made it known more recently just how they manage to make their marriage so full of love and life even with a baby.

On March 25, Audrey posted a piece to Today Parenting Team on how she keeps the romance alive — and it seems legit. The happy mom explains how love notes, a marriage journal, disconnecting from social media, and planning moments of intimacy are all helping her marriage immensely. No matter what her critics say, she seems to be clapping back with this post.

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