‘Little People, Big World’: How Chris Marek, Amy Roloff’s Boyfriend, Really Feels About Getting Remarried

We’ve been following the Roloff family for years thanks to TLC’s Little People, Big World, and it’s hard to believe so many seasons have gone by. In the beginning, Matt and Amy Roloff showcased how they raise four kids and hold down Roloff Farms as little people, and we were all instantly hooked. Their family dynamics have certainly changed over the years, however. Today, Matt and Amy are divorced, and many of their kids have since decided to not take part in the show.

With the fate of Roloff Farms up in the air and new relationships blossoming, we’re all wondering what awaits this season. And we’re also curious if Amy Roloff is planning on getting remarried to her long-time boyfriend, Chris Marek. Here’s what Chris recently said about remarriage that gave us a clue into the future.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek have been together for over 2 years

When Amy and Matt divorced, Amy confessed that she never anticipated dating again in her life. People reminds us Amy said she didn’t think anyone would be interested in her, especially if they were of average height. But everything changed once she met Chris Marek. While the two didn’t hit it off immediately when they both arrived at the same single’s mixer event, they reconnected later when Chris invited Amy on a motorcycle date. From there, the rest is history.

Now, the couple are going on three years of dating. “Anniversary! What? Where did two years go? It’s been a wonderful adventurous and full of lovely special moments of dating with this guy,” she posted to Instagram. And fans are ultra-supportive of her relationship, too. As one Instagram user commented, “I wish you the best.. Hope Chris knows how lucky he is to have a wonderful woman.”

They’ve sparked engagement rumors in the past

Amy and Chris have countless photos together on Instagram, and since they’ve been together several years, many fans are wondering if wedding bells will be ringing in their future. It seems they’ve already sparked rumors after having a fall photo shoot on Roloff Farms at the end of 2018, too. Amy posted this photo of her and Chris in front of the farm’s chapel to Instagram, and everyone went wild. All of the Roloff kids said their “I dos” in this same exact spot, and many wondered if this was an indication that an engagement was in their future.

“I hear wedding Bells Ms. Amy and Chris,” a fan commented on the photo. And another added, “You are getting him closer Amy!” It seems the two still aren’t engaged, so this photo wasn’t the look into the future we were all hoping for — but even so, it had fans excited for what could possibly come later.

Here’s how Chris feels about possibly getting remarried

While Amy initially wasn’t open to the idea of dating again, Chris has since given her a fresh perspective — and we’re willing to bet she’d be open to remarriage, too. As for Chris, he mentioned how he feels about marriage to friends Ron and Beth while on a camping trip, People reports. “I’ve seen a lot of failed marriages, a lot of divorces, in my family. All my siblings, my mother. I mean, I saw a lot of examples of people that loved each other but could not live with each other,” he told Ron. “But I’m certainly not against marriage — I never thought I’d be this age and still single.”

To that, People reports Amy seemed excited. While Chris commented that he’s enjoying his “journey” with Amy in particular, Amy said, “I’m glad to see that you’re not against marriage, because that would be a problem.” This certainly gives hope to LPBW fans that more Roloff wedding bells could be ringing. And considering every wedding takes place on the farm, perhaps the family won’t sell their property after all of their considerations with this, too.

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