‘Little People, Big World’: How Zach Roloff Really Feels About His Parents Potentially Selling Roloff Farms

The Roloffs have become a favorite family amongst reality TV viewers over the years, and they’re finally back with a new season of Little People, Big World. It all first began with Matt and Amy Roloff, a couple with dwarfism who showed the world how they raised four children and held down the family farm business with their condition. Big changes have come for the Roloffs over the years, however, including Matt and Amy’s divorce. And now, it seems the beloved Roloff Farms may not be around for the family much longer.

The kids grew up, married, and have had their grandchildren visit Roloff Farms, so there’s plenty of nostalgia attached to the location. And it seems Zach has shared his feelings regarding the possible selling of the farm. Here’s what he said.

The premiere had the Roloffs discussing possibly selling the farm

Any LPBW fan who saw the trailer for the new season knows the future of Roloff Farms is going to be a huge topic of discussion. Matt Roloff and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, whom he met on the farm, has been particularly vocal about potentially getting rid of the Roloff property. As he said in the trailer, “Caryn and I are really creating our own path and I can’t let that farm, you know, hold us back.” Not only that, but it seems Amy, who has always spoken of how much she loves the farm, is also seen discussing a buyout situation for the property. Zach also mentions, “Her future might not be on this farm.”

The fate of the farm was immediately discussed in the first episode of the new season, too. PopCulture notes when Zach and Amy were cleaning out the farm and preparing for Zach’s son’s first birthday party there, Amy hinted at limited time on the farm in the future. “I’m excited we can celebrate Jackson’s first birthday here … who knows how many other birthdays we’ll be able to celebrate here,” she said. Amy added later, “Whatever happens to the farm I think it’s kinda nice that at least one grandchild is having their first birthday on the farm.”

Matt has discussed his willingness to give up the farm in the past

Amy might have mixed feelings about letting go of the farm, but it seems the topic has been on Matt’s mind for a long time. After his divorce from Amy, he moved just 500 feet away from the farm with girlfriend Caryn Chandler, Radar Online notes. At the time, he also mentioned, “It’s tough thinking about spending an eternity here with Amy.” Not only that, but In Touch Weekly notes he’s mentioned in a past episode, “There’s part of me that wants to keep the farm and build a house that suits me, but part of me just wants to sell the farm and liquidate it and move on. It’s a burden.”

It seems in the current season, the farm is also a pain point for Matt. PopCulture reports Zach explains, “I love my dad, but my dad doesn’t feel like the family appreciates it. We don’t feel like he includes us. It’s his way or the highway. So, it’s been like a sour point too between the family.”

Zach thinks selling the farm could be for the best

Fans have watched plenty of beautiful moments occur on the farm — including Zach’s wedding — so we can’t imagine how the star of the show feels about potentially selling the property. PopCulture notes Zach mentions to the camera, “It’s going to be a sad, sad day if we sell the farm.” He does put a positive spin on it, though, as he also adds that the property has also “been a great thing” and “just because it goes away doesn’t mean that negates all the greatness we had with it.”

All in all, Zach just wants what’s best for his family and his parents. Good Housekeeping notes he also tells Amy, “It’s one of those things that time heals everything. And the more time that passes, the more, like, at peace I am about it all.” And while Matt and Amy worked well together when married and owning the farm, the strain of their divorce may mean it’s best for everyone if they let the property go and move on.

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