‘Little People, Big World’: Is Amy Roloff Pushing Boyfriend Chris Marek Into Marriage?

We’ve been watching the Roloff family for years on Little People, Big World. And while we remember the days when Matt and Amy Roloff were married, a lot has changed for the couple since camera crews first started documenting their life in Oregon. Today, Matt and Amy are divorced following nearly 30 years of marriage, and they’re still navigating what that means for them, their kids, and Roloff Farms, the family business they share.

Matt and Amy each have serious significant others as well. And while Matt and his girlfriend, Caryn, seem to be on the fast track to marriage, it seems Amy might also have interest in tying the knot with her boyfriend, Chris. Is she pushing him down the aisle too fast? Here’s what we know.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek have been together for nearly 3 years

It seems like just yesterday when Amy was getting back out on the dating scene. She’s expressed her fears with dating in the past, as she seemed to rush down the aisle with Matt in her younger years and never had to consider going on dates since. Not only that, but she’s also talked about how she never thought a person of average height would be interested in her because of her dwarfism. Thankfully, she was proven wrong when she met Chris Marek — and as soon as she started getting to know him, Amy seemed to fall hard and fast.

Fans who have been following Amy and Chris’ journey together also know they’ve been dating for nearly three years. In September 2018, Amy posted an adorable photo of the two of them to her Instagram to celebrate their anniversary. “Anniversary! What? Where did two years go? It’s been a wonderful adventurous and full of lovely special moments of dating with this guy,” she captioned the post.

Fans loved the post, too. “Amy and Chris look very happy. Matt and his lady also look happy. They had wonderful children and a good marriage but things do change. May God Bless you all,” said one Instagram user.

Is Amy Roloff pushing Chris to propose?

Amy stated in the past that she would never be looking to date again — but now that a longterm partnership has been established for Chris, many may wonder if she’s pushing him down the aisle. People notes during a Little People, Big World sneak peak, the topic of marriage came up when Amy and Chris were out camping with their friends, Ron and Beth. And Chris mentions that while he’s “seen a lot of failed marriages, a lot of divorces,” he still has hope that it could work out for him in the future. “But I’m certainly not against marriage — I never thought I’d be this age and still single.”

To that, Amy rejoiced. “I’m glad to see that you’re not against marriage, because that would be a problem,” she said. And while some may think Chris is feeling the pressure from Amy wanting to get remarried, she also assured that she doesn’t intend to push Chris into making any big decisions he’s not ready for. “I’m not here to push him, I’m not here for him to do something that he is nowhere [near] ready for. But if marriage is meant to happen for me again, the second time, then I would sing ‘Hallelujah,'” she added.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see the two of them get married in the future

All of this talk of marriage has fans hoping they’ll see Amy wearing an engagement ring soon enough. People notes Amy told the cameras, “Even though I’m divorced, I still value and will hold up high the whole concept, the reason, the purpose that marriage is here.” And fans have taken to Amy’s Instagram to comment how they feel about her potentially tying the knot. “Come on Chris put a ring on that!” one fan wrote in response to this photo. And when Amy and Chris took this photo together outside of the Roloff Farms chapel, it really had fans wondering if they were going to announce an engagement soon. “You are getting him closer Amy!” another fan commented.

Another Roloff wedding would certainly make for a fun LPBW episode, so we’ll hope Amy gets what she desires in the future. As for rushing Chris into marriage — it seems like she’s willing to take as much time as he needs.

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