‘Little People, Big World’: Is This Really Why Tori Roloff Posted About Her Body Insecurities on Instagram?

It’s hard to believe the Roloffs have been on TV with Little People, Big World for nearly a decade and a half. While the latest season showcased Amy Roloff’s struggles communicating with ex-husband Matt post-divorce, viewers also got a look into the lives of Zach and Tori Roloff. The happily married duo have their son, Jackson, their dog, Murphy, and their home together — and they’re also preparing to expand their family with baby No. 2.

Tori announced via Instagram that she’s expecting a baby girl this coming November, and the Roloffs couldn’t be more excited. But Tori also just let everyone know in another post that she’s struggling with body image issues this time around — and there might be one particular reason why.

Tori Roloff recently posted about why her second pregnancy is harder than her first

Pregnancy is never easy, and Tori’s letting her Instagram followers know first-hand all about her struggles. “This pregnancy has been a lot harder on me than the last. Don’t get me wrong-I’ve been so lucky… im not sick (anymore) and I haven’t had any complications (thank the lord). However I have had a harder time accepting my body this go around [sic],” she captioned her post. Tori then went on to explain that during this pregnancy, she’s gotten “bigger a lot faster” than the first time — and she’s even had some people come up to her and ask if she’s having twins.

“It’s been hard to really enjoy this pregnancy because I’ve let my own body image issues get in the way,” she reiterated. And this isn’t the first time she’s gotten real with her followers about this pregnancy, either. During an Instagram Q&A, she told fans she spent eight months trying to get pregnant a second time, and she had “all the symptoms” in the beginning that she didn’t have during her first pregnancy.

Is this why she created the Instagram post?

Tori’s no stranger to getting candid with her followers, especially when it comes to motherhood and parenting. But there may be another reason she posted this ultra-personal Instagram message. According to Radar Online, Tori’s grandmother-in-law (Matt Roloff’s mother), Peggy, replied something quite telling to Tori’s photo. “You are beautiful and a lovely baby maker. I’m sorry if I offended you,” Peggy wrote on the post.

Radar believes Peggy may have been the one to tell Tori she looks like she’s having twins, and perhaps that’s why the grandmother-in-law extended her apologies. Aside from Peggy, other members of the family also offered their support in the comments section. Audrey Roloff, Tori’s sister-in-law, wrote, “You are so beautiful and strong sister. love you so much and grateful for your honesty here and desire to make people feel less alone [sic].”

Fans love how candid Tori gets with her followers

It’s not just Tori’s extended family who are writing supportive comments on the star’s Instagram, either. Tori’s a favorite amongst LPBW fans, and her loyal fan base also expressed how happy they are that she’s sharing her true feelings about her changing body and pregnancy a second time.

“Man do you wear your heart on your sleeve, in the most beautiful and selfless way,” one follower wrote. “I love you so much and I know it’s so hard to feel confident when you start to not even recognize your body, but what a MIRACLE that your body is creating a perfect blessing.” And another added, “You are beautiful mama, and your body is exactly what your babies need it to be!”

We’re hoping Tori can continue to stay strong and share her journey with her second pregnancy to her followers. We can’t wait for the arrival of another Roloff baby!

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