‘Little People, Big World’: Jacob Roloff Wrote That He Was Characterized As a ‘Brat’ on the Show

We’ve been watching Little People, Big World for nearly a decade and a half — and we’ve also watched the entire family grow up along the way, too. While the last season featured Matt and Amy Roloff’s post-divorce drama with Roloff Farms, we also saw their son, Zach, and his wife, Tori, as they raised their son, Jackson. There are quite a few members of the Roloff family who are no longer featured on the show, however. And the most infamous of all might be Jacob.

Jacob is the youngest of the Roloff kids and chose to leave the show on his own accord. Since his leaving, he’s also been quite vocal about what he thinks of LPBW and reality TV in general. And it seems he also believes the show producers made his character look like the “brat” of the family.

Jacob Roloff explained why he left Little People, Big World on Instagram

Jeremy and Molly Roloff, Matt and Amy’s other kids who are missing from the show, also chose to leave LPBW behind — but it was Jacob who made the biggest splash on his way out. Back in 2016, he wrote a lengthy post on Instagram explaining why he would never be back on the show, either. And it all had to do with how production seemed to make “characters” out of his family members over time.

“For me, noticing how the agenda of the crew doesn’t work well with the health & happiness of our family is what made me decide quite a while ago that I would not be a part of it as soon as I was able,” Jacob wrote. And while he did note that many good, well-meaning folks were a part of the show’s production, everyone had their own personal agenda in mind — and that was to make good TV. “So, I am with my family and I love them I’m just here to say you’ll never see that from me on TV again,” he continued.

He explained in a blog post that his ‘character’ on the show was a total brat

Jacob went into some detail on Instagram, but it’s his Rock & Roloff blog where he explains his feelings even further. In this blog post, Jacob explains that he decided he would stop taking part in production once he hit 18 years old, and it was met with some pushback and controversy. He then wrote that many folks who didn’t understand how the process works may think less of him for making money off of the show as a youth and then abandoning it once he hit adulthood, but he further explained the complexities behind it all. Not only that, but Jacob also noted that during production, the show’s creators made him look particularly bratty on the show.

“Obviously I was a brat sometimes, which would be abnormal if I wasn’t, but Created Character Jacob from Little People Big World was a brat in totality,” he wrote in the post. “Dad: Creative; Mom: Controlling; Zach: Angry; Molly: Smart (okay that one is on point); Jeremy: Adventurous; and Myself: Brat. That’s quite a dynamic cast! It’s too bad that people take those caricatures as Gospel. Although it really speaks to the talent of an editor that can sculpt such believable personalities.”

Jacob seems to have a better relationship with his family today

Jacob’s relationship with his family could have taken some heat after he decided to leave LPBW behind. Back in 2015, we can’t forget that he sent out an alarming tweet suggesting he was cheated out of money from the show, too. And there have been plenty of rumors to suggest he doesn’t get along with Matt or his sister-in-law, Audrey.

Thankfully, it seems like the dark days are behind Jacob. He’s preparing to marry his beautiful fiancee, Isabel Rock, and he’s often featured on his family’s Instagrams, too. Recently, Matt posted a photo of Jacob trying on suits for his big day, too, which further proves whatever alleged feud they may have had has been totally squashed. We’re hoping all the Roloffs are exactly where they want to be and pursuing what they wish to go for in life, with or without the show!

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