‘Little People, Big World’: Jinger Duggar Just Reacted to Audrey Roloff’s Pregnancy Announcement on Instagram

The latest seasons of both Little People, Big World and Counting On may be over, but the lives of the Roloffs and the Duggars still go on. As for Jeremy and Audrey Roloff, they haven’t relied on TLC sharing their story for quite some time. The duo decided to stop taking part in LPBW after their first daughter was born, and they’ve since invested their time and energy into other creative endeavors. Now, they’re ready to expand their family — and we’re sure the other Roloffs are ecstatic to hear the news.

It’s not just the other Roloffs who are ready for another baby from the sweet family, either. Jinger Duggar also commented on Audrey’s pregnancy announcement, and fans are freaking out.

Audrey Roloff just announced she and Jeremy are expecting

Audrey and Jeremy have talked about family expansion while doing interviews to promote their book, A Love Letter Life. While they have their young daughter, Ember, they’ve both stated they want large families with plenty of children. Now, it looks like they’re well on their way to making that happen. As Audrey announced on Instagram, “Baby #2 is coming in January!!! Ember is gonna be a big sister! We are so grateful and excited for this little blessing to join our family.”

Fans have been keeping their eyes peeled for baby updates from Audrey since her sister-in-law, Tori, recently announced she’s also expecting her second child. Tori and her husband (Jeremy’s brother, Zach), are excited to have their first baby girl this November. And of course, Audrey commented on Tori’s Instagram post about it as well. “Wahoooooo CANT WAIT FOR THE GIRLSIES TO HANGGGGG. I’m so happy for you Tori! [sic]” Audrey wrote.

Jinger Duggar commented her congratulations on Audrey’s post

The Duggars and the Roloffs are both featured on TLC, so fans have long suspected they all know each other and might even get along. And it seems like if there’s one Duggar who’s friendliest with the Roloffs, it’s Jinger. Jinger and husband Jeremy have a ton in common with Jeremy and Audrey, as they’re all very religious — and Jinger and Jeremy have even been featured on Audrey and Jeremy’s podcast. And it’s not just these two Roloffs whom Jinger communicates with. Tori and Jinger have had multiple interactions online as well.

As for what Jinger had to say on Audrey’s post, she extended her congratulations to the soon-to-be mother of two. “Congrats! Super excited for you all!” Jinger commented. While Audrey didn’t comment back to everyone who’s happy for her, she did write back, “thanks Jinger!!” and tagged the Duggar in response.

Fans want Jinger to have another baby, too

It’s not just two Roloffs who are pregnant. Many members of the Duggar family are also expecting children, and we can’t forget that Jessa recently had a baby girl as well. Could this be giving Jinger baby fever? Fans who saw Jinger’s comment on Audrey’s Instagram post sure hope so. As one follower commented, “awesome Audrey so happy. Jinger you are next love you guys [sic].”

Jinger and Jeremy have stated they’re leaving the number of kids they have up to God — and so far, they just have their daughter, Felicity. The couple also just made their move to Los Angeles, so perhaps if they are using some form of birth control, they’ll put a pregnancy off until they’re totally settled in their new city. There’s no doubt Jinger and Jeremy are favorites amongst the Duggar fan base, so another child would be totally welcome — but we’ll have to wait and see if Jinger’s family (or even the Roloffs) have any influence.

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